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    Hungry Cat...

    As most of you Snickers is a former stray. He’s very happy to live inside now. My question is : Is it normal for him to have such a huge appetite? In the morning he gets a 1/4 cup of Young Again Zero Carb which is very high calorie. Later he’s asking for more. I give him a 1/2 square of...
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    Young Again Zero

    I just started my three cats on this food. They really like it. I spoke to the president of the company and he strongly recommends free feeding this food. He says it teaches the cat to control their food intake themselves. If the dish is always full they will learn that they don’t have to scarf...
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    Snickers Hurt His Paw ???

    We are going to the Vet at Noon Sunday but I just wanted to see if you had an idea as to what it could be . He extends his leg just fine , flexes his ankle, he will even flex his paw slightly but he will not put any weight on it. There are no visible signs of injury. I gently felt his paw to...
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    Need Advice Please!! - Snickers

    Most of you know of Snickers, the former stray cat we adopted. We want to bring in the house to live . At least at night, depending on him mostly. How should I begin? Keep in mind that he will have his own room, a spare bathroom. He’s afraid of our three dogs so he would not have free run of...
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    A Stray No More !!

    Snickers is a very beautiful sweet kitty. He’s been to the Vet. Already neutered. He had his Rabies Vax,Deworming, Ear mite treatment. He goes back in three weeks for Felv Vax. He also gets a monthly dose of Advantage Multi. He does still live outside but that can’t change for now. He has two...
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    Canned Food ?

    Any suggestions for a picky kitty ? Snickers my former stray kitty will not eat any wet at all. He does eat good other than that. I think he looks beautiful.
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    Stella & Chewys Freeze Dried Raw .

    My outside kitty ( former stray we adopted ) loves it. However he will only eat the Chicken flavor in the dog formula. He eats one patty rehydrated once a day. He does eat plenty of high protein cat kibble too plus fresh water every day. He's eating a lot better than he did in his former life...
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    Update On Former Stray Kitty..

    Snickers went to the Vet today. He IS in fact a boy and already Neutered. Yay ! Vet estimated 5 to 6 years of age. Today Snickers had a Rabies Vax, Deworming , Ear mite treatment and a dose of Frontline Gold. He'll go back in 3 weeks to get the Felv vax.
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    Former Stray Cat Going To The Vet ..

    We decided to give Snickers a home . Unfortunately he still has to live outside but he has two shelters and gets plenty of food water and lots of attention which he loves. He does come in the for a few minutes in the morning after I've put the dogs in another room. He doesn't like to stay long...
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    New Winterized Shelter For Kitty.

    I made Snickers a new winter house. I made the entrance as small as possible to deter wildlife. Upon entering on the left is a room with a raised floor and nice padding. To the right is the "bedroom". I used a medium size Rubbermaid tub with a small entry hole which I lined the bottom and three...
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    Stray Kitty Doing Well..

    Snickers seems very happy here. He has two shelters . One out back he uses just for sleep and this one on the front step. It has a box for sleeping as well as a padded raised floor. He eats here plus hangs out on nice days. He's eating good now. I'm feeding high protein/ high fat dry food ...
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    Only Natural Pet Power Food !

    This food is fantastic. I changed my cats to the dry and wet formulas. They love it. It's a bit expensive but worth it. I just give one meal of wet to lessen the cost a bit. My cats are doing great on it. I changed my dogs to it as well and they love it.
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    New Insulated Kitty House !

    I made my stray kitty a new insulated house. I used a plastic tub cut a hole in the side . On the inside I put a Styrofoam cooler and filled with shredded paper and hay. I also made a raised floor so he doesn't get flooded out when it rains. He stays at our house all the time now.
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    Stray Kitty I Named....

    SNICKERS... This is one of the stray kitties I've been caring for. He stays at our house day and night now. When he first showed up he had at least 30 engorged Ticks but after three doses of Frontline he's Tick free. He also had a bad URI but I've been giving him Amoxicillin and he's much...
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    Food For Snickers ..

    I've been caring for this stray kitty since last year. I named him Snickers. When he first showed up he was skinny and scraggly looking. He had at least 30 engorged Ticks on him. After three doses of Frontline he's Tick free. I always keep dry food available for him but I have no way to...
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    Two Stray Cats Have Disappeared !

    The two stray cats I've been caring for are missing. I haven't seen them for five days. We built shelters for them with hay which they used. One would stay all the time. Both cats came twice a day everyday for food . Now they're gone. It's so sad.
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    Update On Stray Kittys..

    The Orange kitty who we thought was living in our old shed seems to be coming from different directions so we built him a shelter in back of Our house. He is very skittish and I cannot get near him at all but he always comes for food. The Siamese cat who l think belongs to our neighbors is...
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    Stray Cat Lives On Our Property.

    I've been feeding this cat for two years and I just noticed recently that he's living in a garage on our property. I'd like to trap him and take him to the vet to get some vaccinations. Do you think that would traumatize so much that he would leave and not come back. I really love this cat.
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    Sleekez Deshedding Tool.

    This is amazing. I was skeptical when I ordered it but it is fantastic. It is so simple to use. It removes the loose hair and dander. My cats must like it because they purr and rub against my hand as I groom them.