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  1. ashley davidson

    "Cat-in-a-bag" carrier

    It's the first time I see such a thing. They look really cute and the cats don't look frightened, it's definitely more humane than carrying them in a cage. also, the cat on the video looks like "You done yet?", or "Get me out of his thing!" XD
  2. ashley davidson

    8 month old trying to nurse on me

    The cat of my cousin used to do that - and it was around 4 years old. I also think it's because of early separation with the mother. My cousin didn't mind it and there was nothing wrong with the cat. I don't think there's any need to do anything. If it makes the cat happy, what's the harm?
  3. ashley davidson

    Unusually Calm Kitten

    I guess that's possible. I don't know how old the kitten was, but when I took it, first thing I checked was if it has all its teeth - and it did.
  4. ashley davidson

    Comment by 'ashley davidson' in article 'Raw Feeding For Cats: The Ingredients'

    Oh, no, it wasn't a diet, sorry if I didn't make it clear :D It was just on occasion. Oh, you should see how fast my kitty gobbles the meat - like a tiny lion.
  5. ashley davidson

    Unusually Calm Kitten

    I just got my cat a week ago, and remembered my previous kitten... at the time I was 12. On the way home from school I found a stray kitty and took it home, but it didn't want to eat, walk around, or explore. I thought it was just scared, so I left it do whatever it wants. In the mean time, I...
  6. ashley davidson

    Comment by 'ashley davidson' in article 'Raw Feeding For Cats: The Ingredients'

    This is a very helpful list of ingredients. I used to give my cat raw meat, but I wasn't really sure what exactly to give him, so I just filled his bowl and saw what he'll eat and what he'll avoid. Not a good method, I know, but I've noticed cats somehow know how to avoid food that isn't right...
  7. ashley davidson

    Buying a cat vs rescuing a cat

    The main thing is that people want to get kittens, instead of grown cats, they don't really care if they buy it, or rescue it.  And, lets be honest, in shelters you mostly have older cats. But, I agree, all of them deserve a chance for a loving forever home. Still, whatever everyone say, stray...
  8. ashley davidson

    Old Cat jealous with new kitten

    It needs time. An old cat already feels like the king/queen of the castle and having another pet make her feel like she has a competitor for the crown (so to say XD) Don't worry, she'll warm up to the kiten... eventually. Check out this situation
  9. ashley davidson

    Moving house with mother and kittens

    Ohhh, moving can be very traumatising to big cats, much more for the little ones. Be very careful with this, the stress can lead to very odd behavior. They'll need to be taken in a carrier. If they're not used to it, take it outside and let them explore it, so later they'll be more comfortable...
  10. ashley davidson

    Comment by 'ashley davidson' in article 'Odd-eyed Cats'

    Haha, only the blue eye gets red on the photo, kity looks like terminator XD
  11. ashley davidson

    Comment by 'ashley davidson' in article 'A Cat That Glows In The Dark - Interview With Professor Leslie Lyons, Part 3'

    I still wonder how glow in the dark pets aren't on the market yet. But, I guess there's a long way to go in this field.
  12. ashley davidson

    My "son" ran away and I'm hysterical!

    Waffles might just not want to come back anymore. Good news is, he's probably safe. Sorry for being too graphic, but if you haven't seen a corpse, then he's most probably fine. Also, you said it's heavily wooded around your place, so don't worry about the dogs, they won't catch him. You know...
  13. ashley davidson

    Anyone else only have one?

    I think you need two cats at home. I'm very busy with work and I'm often not at home, so I think my cat should have a playmate. Problem is, I've had my cat for a long time now and if a bring home a new one, it will most probably hate it. At best, it will take a lot of time to get accustomed to...
  14. ashley davidson

    Comment by 'ashley davidson' in article 'How To Bathe Small Kittens The Safe Way'

    I had no idea a kitten can fall ill so easily :( I used to bathe my kitten before not even thinking about that. Good thing I always dried it with a towel afterwards and kept it warm  in there like a baby until it calms down. This is a really good advice. Thank you.