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  1. Lola3791

    If Your Cat Was A Human...

    ...what would they look like? What would their personality be? Lola would be a small framed women, a little overweight, with dark hair. Her eyes would be a dark green. As far as personalty goes, Lola would be an introvert. She would only be comfortable with her family and would be very quiet...
  2. Lola3791

    Not getting alerts from watched threads...

    This has been happening for a while. I'll post on a thread or select the "Watch" tab but I won't get alerts for some threads. Is this normal? Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a way this can be fixed?
  3. Lola3791

    Has Anyone Gotten A DNA Test For Their Cats?

    I'd like to get one for Lola. She was a stray before an animal shelter picked her up so she's probably a mix of everything. If you have done a DNA test for your fur-babies, what were the results?
  4. Lola3791

    Funny Black Cat Stories

    I thought of this because Halloween is coming up. Do you have a funny or interesting story about a black cat?
  5. Lola3791

    Song Lyric Game

    I did some searching and couldn't find this game but if the game does exist please let me know. The rules: Someone posts a song lyric. The next person must guess the artist and song (you may use Google if you don't know). If the person guesses correctly that person posts another lyric. That...
  6. Lola3791

    How Did You Come Up With Your Cat's Name?

    Oddly, both of my cats have been named Lola. The first one was named after a character in a book. The Lola I have now was named that by the shelter I got her from. I also named over 25 feral cats but it'll take a year to list them of and say why I named them what I named them. :lol: So, how did...
  7. Lola3791

    Do Your Cats Like Their Bellies Rubbed?

    Lola loves her belly rubbed, thank goodness! I think I'd go crazy if I couldn't pet her beautiful spotted belly. :lol:
  8. Lola3791

    How Do Your Cats React After You've Been Gone?

    I recently got back from a 4-day trip and Lola has much more clingy. She is rubbing me as a greeting (she doesn't do that often). Also, she has chosen to lay next to me on my bed. Normally she sleeps on the end of it at my feet. This also makes me sad because I'm going on a week-long trip soon...
  9. Lola3791

    A Gift...

    My friend recently got back from a trip to Italy. She knows I love cats so she got me this cute purse while she was over there.
  10. Lola3791

    Introducing Golden Retriever Puppy And Cat

    Due to our previous dog's death :bawling: we are getting a Golden Retriever puppy named Rosie. My cat Lola did not like our another dog because he would try to play fight with her. We also have a rabbit that Lola is afraid of. I would like Rosie and Lola to get along. Rosie has had a positive...
  11. Lola3791

    Did You Know...

    Hi everyone! I love fun/did you know facts. I would like to hear what you're fun facts are. They can be anything, just keep it PG please. Clark Gable, who played as Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind, had false teeth.
  12. Lola3791

    My Cat Does Not Use Her Litter Box...

    My cat Lola is going to be six this year. This issue has been going on ever since I got her as a kitten. She will pee in litter box(es) but will poop right next to them or in a corner of her boxes area. Sometimes she will kick litter out of a box and go poop in that. I've tired giving her 2...
  13. Lola3791

    Post Your Best Photo Of Your Cat!

    I'm currently new to the site and I would love to pictures of everyone's wonderful kitties! I'm sure this thread has been done before so I'm sorry for the repeat. This is Lola:
  14. Lola3791

    Hello! New Member Here!

    Hello to all of you! I'm new to the site. I have one wonderful (though slightly annoying at times) cat named Lola. She is going to be 6 this year.