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  1. sweettuxies Mom

    Fostering For The First Time

    Awww! Cutie pies! Poor baby with the broken leg:(
  2. sweettuxies Mom

    Comment by 'sweettuxies Mom' in article 'How To Make Your Home Bigger (at Least For Your Cats)'

    So dissapointed...None of the links above will open for me-I only receive errors that the sites (s) cant be found :bawling: I'm short on space and have really narrow sills and have been searching for perches / perch ideas for my little ones.
  3. sweettuxies Mom

    Finicky Kittens?

    My 2 sibling, 9 month old rescue kittens Sammy & Sadie are perplexing me with their eating habits! I've had them since they were 3 months old and they were on not the best quality food when I adopted them and since then I have tried just about every kitten good to high quality canned food on...