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  1. catintime

    Cat skin condition???

    Thank you so much! She’s an indoor cat but I’m guessing she might have a skin condition or some kind of allergy?
  2. catintime

    Cat skin condition???

    Does anyone know what could be happening? It only happens to her and usually it never gets this bad. I’m planning to take her to the vet.
  3. catintime

    Bug on Cat?

    Can someone tell me if this is a flea or if this is cat lice? The bugs have been feasting on my cats and I noticed today because one of my cats has white fur and I saw a black bug crawling on her. I finally caught one of them but it didn't seem interested in me, which is weird because I thought...
  4. catintime

    Cat Stressed After Fight?

    Thank you so much :) I will definitely check out those articles and I appreciate your advice.
  5. catintime

    Cat Stressed After Fight?

    Hello! I'm a little bit worried about my tortie, Sapphire. Yesterday while my boyfriend and I were at work, I guess the cats got into a small fight and when I got home I found Sapphire secluded under the bed with blood on her face. I saw that she had been scratched and I cleaned her up with some...
  6. catintime

    Cat won't stop squinting?

    I have a slight concern about my cat, Rikka. For the past few days, I noticed she won't stop squinting. (Reference the pictures for an example). I (gently) tried to see if her eyes would open a bit wider, but she was stiff and wouldn't let me. For reference, she had some minor eye problems when...
  7. catintime

    Rescued Senior Care

    Her claws were really bad when we took a look at them :( They were curled all the way to the paw pads but luckily she hadn't been impaled. Thankfully we were able to clip them as much as we could (which she didn't enjoy but it was necessary). Thank you for the food suggestions as well! I'll make...
  8. catintime

    Rescued Senior Care

    I recently rescued a cat from a family member. Her name is Remy, and she's about 15 years old. Currently, she's skin and bones. (You can see the outline of her spinal cord under her grey fur). It broke my heart to see her like this, so now she lives with my boyfriend and I. What should I feed...
  9. catintime

    I can't tell what breed my cat is !!

    I think she might be a russian blue/ragdoll mix? But I'm not sure. I got her from the shelter in May and she's super sweet! Loves to play and cuddle, can be mischievous at times but is usually well behaved. She gets along well with the other cats. Also, in certain lighting, you can see that she...