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    My sweet girl Kina 🌈

    What a beautiful kitty, I'm so sorry for your loss. Our time spent with our them always seems too short, but for Kina it was 9 wonderful years.
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    High ALT Levels

    Hey everyone, My cat Bridgerton (about 2 yrs old) first had high ALT levels (320) in September. We retested him in October and it went up to 410. We did an ultrasound, bile duct test, amoxi drops and metronidazole, and everything came back normal and his levels are unchanged after the...
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    Biting me when I leave the kitchen

    I wish I could get him a second cat! When we adopted him they wanted him to go to a home with no cats, he likes to be the center of attention so that might be why they wanted him to be in a single cat household. I work from home so I’m usually able to give him all the attention he asks for...
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    Biting me when I leave the kitchen

    This all makes sense… he usually wakes me up in the middle of the night to come sleep on my chest and for pets which is fine but the first few weeks he had the bad habit of biting my hand when I fell asleep and he wanted more pets. I did say OW really loud but that was mostly because he would...
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    Biting me when I leave the kitchen

    It’s possible. He’ll bite with his claws especially on mondays if we were out over the weekend and didn’t play with him as much. Today I’m playing with him as much as he wants to see if it’ll make a difference which hopefully it does. It’s always in the hallway from the kitchen to our room that...
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    Bruce here, looking for a Russian Blue for my daughter.

    I’m in the northeast and I was lucky to find my Russian blue on petfinder. He’s definitely mixed I don’t think I found a pure blue online for adoption. Before I started the process of adopting a cat I went to my local allergist for testing and they said I was severely allergic to cats and would...
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    Biting me when I leave the kitchen

    Lately my cat has been biting me whenever I leave the kitchen without feeding him. I think it might be out of frustration? It seems like he’s demanding to be fed when he wants. He’s 1.5 years old about 11 pounds and he’s fed about 230 calories of mostly wet food. His automatic feeder goes off at...