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    Does Your Cat Like Belly Rubs?

    That's so AWESOME...My eldest Kitty's name is Link! ;)
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    Seresto flea collar side effects?

    These collars NEED to be discontinued! There are way too many issues CLEARLY going on with these collars, from burns, sicknesses, deaths, and now permanent neurological damage! These are NOT all coincidences! What do we need to do to push Bayer to remove these collars from the retailers and Vet...
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    Seresto flea collar side effects?

    My 2 older cats, Link & Milla have had their Seresto collars on for the 8 month duration, and I was looking into purchasing new ones for them and one for my new youngest baby, Monkey(1yr old). (They were so effective the first go round)-Then the ingredients caught my attention and I decided to...