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    Urinary tract blocked for the second time in two weeks

    My kitty (age 2) had the same problem.....blocked and then blocked again a couple weeks later. They said if it happened again that they would have to cut off his penis or put him down. I started him on probiotic from and he went on to live 11 more years with no more...
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    Dilute Urine/infection/kidney/behavior issues

    I had a kitty that licked fur off her back by her tail till bald and found out she was allergic to fleas. I never saw fleas on her but the vet said it would only take one bite. So long ago I kind of forget what I did about it but think I rubbed a little flea powder back there as it is also...
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    10 Year Old Cat with Urinary Issues - Vet Says Nothing is Wrong

    I just replied to another post regarding urinary stoppage so am repeating here. My chiropractor recommended probiotics to people with urinary/bladder problems so I looked into probiotics for cats and found one at . It is a powder so I mixed in their wet food. Since my...
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    Urinary blockage post care

    I had a kitty show up at my house with a blockage so, of course I took him to the vet for an emergency visit. He did not have any leaking afterward but a few weeks later he was blocked again. They said that if it happened again they would have to cut his penis off (???!!!). Well, I remembered...
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    We have a kitty that seems sick every 2-3 weeks for a week at a time.

    This kitty's name is Mayhem and it really suits him.
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    We have a kitty that seems sick every 2-3 weeks for a week at a time.

    Hi again....thank you and LTS3 for responding. By "sick", I mean he is lethargic and just lying around not wanting to be touched, not interested much in eating, growling. Just not normal. Normally he wants to be around people. They first time I took him to the vet, as I explained before, he...
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    We have a kitty that seems sick every 2-3 weeks for a week at a time.

    We thought he may have been getting into something outside or eating something he shouldn't, but we kept him in after the last bout and he still got sick. The first time it happened we took him to the vet and he had a high temp and the vet thought a cat fight. After that, he started the...