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    Cat hates singing???

    A while back, I started saying, "You're such a good girl!" to my Sasha, as I fed and pet her, as well as immediately after she caught her worm of choice during our games of chase. Quite expectedly, this established this chain of words as a conditioned reinforcer ... so much so that when she's...
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    Caption This!

    "Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as gift on my daughter's wedding day."
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    Competition: Picture of the Month - June 2023 - Bored Cats!

    ENTRY: Sasha's semi-hidden death stare ("Are you getting off the couch anytime soon? I need action.") makes me laugh every time.
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    All of sudden my cat scarred of us,and hiding? help needed

    I'm glad there's been some improvement and am sorry that there appear to be medical factors contributing. Chronic pain really, really sucks. Before this? Did your cat prefer to be in elevated places? I wonder if providing small steps to those spots would be helpful.
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    All of sudden my cat scarred of us,and hiding? help needed

    Any update? I hope things have improved for your cutie over the last couple of months.
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    Vote for your favourite Black and White Cat Photos!: P O M May 2023

    Wow, such a close one! Contrats, @LokiWolf ! Loved your photo.
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    I'm upset. He is now biting me

    @ArtNJ, you killed it in this thread. I mean, is there anything else to say? Not really, but I'll try anyway, haha. @firehawk, if I were you, this is what I'd do. 1) Whenever you come over, it's like "Cat Christmas." Be the human who feeds her, initiates play with chase toys, and give her...
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    Rehoming throughts entering into mind again

    I'm so glad that things are gradually improving in response to your efforts! Seeing improvement -- even in small amounts -- really can make a huge difference. I'm really happy for you two. I realize that, sometimes, it also feels good to just vent without any recommendations/solutions rendered...
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    Rehoming throughts entering into mind again

    The issue with such limited research like this is that 1) It does not account for the considerable research that has been done by experimental behavioral scientists, which has contributed to foundational behavioral principles and/or 2) Its findings are often extrapolated beyond the research's...
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    Rehoming throughts entering into mind again

    In behavioral terms, this is a punishment technique. (A stimulus change - i.e. an aversive sound like a hiss or shoosh - following a behavior (meow) that decreases that behavior (meow) under similar circumstances. If you're going to use this technique, be sure of a few things: 1) Respond this...
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    Vote for your favourite Black and White Cat Photos!: P O M May 2023

    All of these adorable photos with a cup of coffee = incredibly potent anti-depressant. For that reason, I'll always feel like the winner (haha).
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    The Bathroom

    This is hilarious! For me, my only safe haven is the bathroom! I'm there, and she seems to be like, "Okay, he's establishing boundaries." A couple of questions: Does she drink the left-over water from the tub afterwards? Does she rub up against your right away? If yes to the first question...
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    how bad is dry food really?

    I've gone back and forth on the food issue for my Sasha, as well. It seems that every option has its pros and cons; plus, there are varies opinions. My veterinarian recommended a mix of wet/dry food, citing research that some carbohydrates that dry food provides (i.e. Science Diet) helps with...
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    Any Suggestions for a Top-Notch Chaser?

    This community's amazing. Thank you, both!
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    Adopted cat hiding/hissing

    How’d you and your nervous buddy make out? I hope things have improved since your last post after more patience. Let us know! Adopting a cat is an exciting experience, and I think it often makes us eager to engage. (Especially if a tad bit of loneliness is what motivated us to add a new family...
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    Any Suggestions for a Top-Notch Chaser?

    Hey, all! My cat, Sasha, loves to "hunt." A lot! We play for an intense 15-20 minutes 2-3 times per day (sometimes more). I bought the chaser below about a month ago, but this morning ... it broke. The metal clip that hooks the attachment was dismantled after Sasha made her catch. (Note: I...
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    Just Another New Guy

    Haha, absolutely hilarious. I love her. Oh, man. Cats like Sasha (and, Katie, perhaps?) exist to prove that their species isn't any "less maintenance" than dogs. She has her routine, and we must stick to it, in addition to any additional needs she determines at any given moment. I'm a...
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    Just Another New Guy

    Thank you @tabbytom for the fantastic welcome and a wealth of information/resources. I truly appreciate it! @catloverfromwayback, thank you for the compliment! You are right -- Sasha's resemblance to Katie is clear as day. I appreciate you sharing her photo. Katie's little "pig buddy" made me...