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  1. Kristin Gireth

    Kitten bites me and is rough with my senior cat

    Well that's good to know. This is Clyde's first playmate and he is 10 years old
  2. Sleeping


  3. Jax


    4 weeks old
  4. Jax


    That face is so sweet!
  5. Jax & I

    Jax & I

    Jax loves to cuddle
  6. Jax


  7. Pot Belly

    Pot Belly

    Clyde needs to go on a serious diet!
  8. Treat Jar

    Treat Jar

    Clyde begging for treats!
  9. Peek a boo

    Peek a boo

    Clyde thinks he is hiding!
  10. Close up

    Close up

    Say cheese!
  11. Laundry Time

    Laundry Time

    Loves laying on clean cloths!
  12. Yes I am a person

    Yes I am a person

    Clyde loves sitting on his butt!
  13. Clyde & Yogi

    Clyde & Yogi

    Me waking up in the middle of the night being pushed off the bed
  14. Clyde Sleeping

    Clyde Sleeping

    Clyde loves his Pillow!
  15. Clyde


  16. Clyde


    Pictures of Vlyde
  17. Meet Clyde

    Meet Clyde

    Clyde Sleeping!
  18. Kristin Gireth

    Comment by 'Kristin Gireth' in media 'IMG_6821.jpeg'

    I love the look on his face. Pure Joy!
  19. Kristin Gireth

    Kitten bites me and is rough with my senior cat

    Clyde does hold him down and Jax will do bunny feet on Clyde's head. Clyde also gives him little bit when Jax is biting him, but Jax is biting Clyde's tail. Bites hard too. Clyde criès out. I don't know what to do. What do you think about water spray bottlè?