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  1. skelekittycat

    Cat treats!

    I give my cats junky treats, but it's certainly not very often. They go mental over Dreamies and Temptations but they get a little few each if they've behaved themselves (or admittedly sometimes if I need to coerce them out of a particular room...)  I don't see any issue with it. The treats are...
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    Comment by 'skelekittycat' in article 'Cats And Babies: All Your Questions Answered!'

    @Tarasgirl06 I am exactly the same as you. The only time my mum hasn't had at least one cat was a few months between our Miffy dying, and the day she brought our (now) old boy Milo home. I've moved out and have two kittens of my own now. One of my parents cats, the aforementioned Miffy, would...
  3. skelekittycat

    My kitten doesn't like "posh" expensive wet cat food!

    I am literally exactly the same as you. My cats won't eat Whiskas wet, and I think it's because of the meat "chunks". They absolutely love Felix As Good As It Looks though - though they won't eat the rabbit and the salmon flavours (little swines). I also give them Applaws Dry food. I buy it 7kg...
  4. skelekittycat

    Precious Paws Pet Rescue

    They're all absolutely beautiful, but wee Benjah- the black one - reminds me so much of my boy Samwise who lives at home with my mum. He was exactly like that as a kitten! I hope they all find wonderful homes.
  5. skelekittycat

    About to foster six week old kittens! Any tips or tricks?

    Fostering kittens is extremely rewarding. Me and my mum used to take them from about 3/4 weeks old and tame them and boy was it hard. I got hissed at and spat at more than I care to remember in the early days. But all of them became purry cuddle buddies before they went on to new homes. They're...
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    Comment by 'skelekittycat' in article 'How To Stop My Cat From Waking Me Up At Night (step-by-step Plan)'

    My two boys have a bad habit of waking me and my partner up at about 6am - however it's just cuddle time. They're happy with a few strokes and then they'll settle down to sleep on our legs, chests, or even shoulders if that's what's available. It used to bother me but now I absolutely love it...
  7. skelekittycat

    Cats Who Sit Like Humans

    Pax is convinced he's a human baby.
  8. Cats Who Sit Like Humans

    Cats Who Sit Like Humans

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  10. skelekittycat

    Kitten is obsessed with Kleenex

    Found one of our boys the other night, literally swinging by his front paws from the curtain rail in the bathroom. He just looked at me as if to say "What's up mum?" and then gracefully dropped into the bath. He was up there again about 5 minutes later. We've learned that he can get up and down...
  11. skelekittycat

    Kitten is obsessed with Kleenex

    My cats absolutely love tissues. I think it's how soft they are and the fact that they tear easily - which will definitely appeal to their hunter/killer instinct. Easy prey! Then again, they'll knock all the bins in the house over even if there's nothing in it. They're in their "terrible twos"...
  12. skelekittycat

    About to go into vet again - please help with some advice!

    See to be fair, I've had to take Metronidazole and as a human - it made me feel so, so ill, and so lethargic. So I'm not surprised he wasn't his normal self after being given that stuff. It works, but it's so nasty. Hope he continues to improve and get better. When people throw up bile, it's...
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    Leaping cat

    I have two kittens who are much younger and they're forever getting in places. They were only 10 weeks old when they discovered the top of the wardrobe! They're constantly jumping from place to place, and one of them has realised that it's totally safe to jump from the top of the wardrobe to the...
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    Best and worst cat treats

    I've been giving my kittens Babytabs (they're german I can't read the packaging) which I got from zooplus, they smell milky and are a nice consistency (I'll admit doing a taste test to see if they were too hard for my babies when they were tiny!) But recently I found some Whiskas Milky Treats...
  15. skelekittycat

    Not wanting to be held

    I think it's just letting them do what they want.  I have two brothers. Pax is happy with being held and cuddled, particularly if you're showing him something nice that he can be interested in. Orion doesn't really like it and if you pick up him, will instantly scoot up onto your shoulder...
  16. skelekittycat

    A Reversal of Roles

    One of my mums cats actually attacked our neighbours dog. The dog, as lovely as she is, did have it coming, as every time she would see Samwise she would chase him. One day, he got fed up it seems, and chased her back, and gave her a good beating for her trouble. The neighbours went absolutely...
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    Heart murmur... I'm worried. Advice?

    My mum has two cats with a murmur. One of them was diagnosed with it when he was still a kitten. He's never let it slow him down at all. I'm not sure what grade it is however. One of our older cats, who is 15, has also just been diagnosed. His is a little more severe, and my mum has had all the...
  18. skelekittycat

    Mother Still Outside - What Should I Do?

    When I lived abroad years ago, there was a colony of feral cats that moved onto our balcony. There were 5 of them. Chunga, Smiler and Callie were very very feral. We think that Chunga may have been Callie's son as they were very close. Callie was always ill with skin problems and we just had to...
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    Why are male cats more affectionate than female cats?

    I'd say it depends very much on the experience they had. My parents have four cats. All of them apart from one love to be petted and cuddles, but they're not lap cats and they much prefer to be beside you or on the floor. Two of them were feral kittens that we foster failed on. The other was...