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  1. bengalcatman

    Abandoned Kitten

    We had so many, that at times, it hurt my ears to be out in the woods. Thankfully they are not so bad now. Makena tried to eat them a few times, but would spit them out (he loves grasshoppers and will eat his fill of them.) Glad those bugs are on the decline!
  2. bengalcatman

    Do you think your cat would save your life?

    Makena, our Bengal, would not hesitate to act as he saw fit if my wife was threatened in any way. When I am away he always sleeps between her and the door. If we are walking Makena, he always subtly positions himself between my wife and any strange person or animal. If there is a knock at the...
  3. bengalcatman

    Abandoned Kitten

    June Bug has been with us four years this month. She continues to be the same happy little cat who loves to play and cuddle. She loves paper and boxes and we often leave both about the living room for her. Her favorite toy of late is a fuzzy soft worm - they sell them as "squirmals"- and she...
  4. bengalcatman

    Help! New cat gone bad!

    Its really nice of you to post up and tell how the story ends! I will be smiling all day, thanks! I am very pleased to know that two hybrid males were able to be successfully introduced and eventually become friends. We have been causully talking about getting a Savannah, and we would like to...
  5. bengalcatman

    Christmas Cats

    My wife helping each cat get the toys out of their stockings on Christmas morning They were a bit overwhelmed by all the goodies - we left each one with a favored toy. They contentedly played for hours Christmas morning. We put away many of they toys and they got their all the new goodies...
  6. bengalcatman

    Your Funny Moments At The Vet?

    Bug, a cat we had many years ago, had to spend many nights at the vet as he got older. Bug was a gentle, sweet cat that charmed everyone with his constant purr and happy attitude. While staying at the vet office the staff would often have him sitting at the front desk greeting clients. Or...
  7. bengalcatman

    Feline geoglyph found in Perú/Nazca Cat

    In a few thousand years someone is going to look back at the internet of our time period and discover all the cat content. They will likely start a thread like this on whatever sort of media they have.... "It was a world that had progressed to using fossil fuels and early physics based power...
  8. bengalcatman

    We got a good crop this year...

    Its funny, every year's weather is different: good for some things, not so good for others. This year the peppers and broccoli did fantastic, tomatoes and cucumbers not so good. We got a bunch of these gorgeous peppers, we have bags and bags of them frozen now. We bought a little catnip kit in...
  9. bengalcatman

    Cats At Work Controlling Rats

    Makena wants to know where he can sign up at
  10. bengalcatman

    We got a good crop this year...

    We got a good crop this year... We got it all bagged up in mesh... And hung it in the barn to dry... And here is Makena on the day he discovered we were growing catnip in one of the covered beds.....
  11. bengalcatman

    Comments on catwalking

    I have walked Makena in public parks and people often express surprise and sometimes have questions, nothing really negative. In any case, I would not be overly concerned what anyone says or thinks: just go have fun with your cat. Your cat will think the world of you, and that matters more. I...
  12. bengalcatman

    Anybody checking out Prime on Oct 13/14?

    Prime day is very serious for people who suffer from the BSAIDN virus BSAIDN - Buying Stuff on Amazon I Don't Need BSAIDN is a virus that has spread faster and affected more people than any other known illness. Both my wife and I have been infected for a few years now, and the disease is...
  13. bengalcatman

    Abandoned Kitten

    I have some children’s book ideas written down. And I have read the text, content and format guidelines of publishers. Have a friend who illustrates books, and we have talked casually a few times about collaborating. When time allows - I will write one!
  14. bengalcatman

    Abandoned Kitten

  15. bengalcatman

    Mollipop for Pawsident

    I hope Mollipop does announce a candidacy. Her platform is the most lucid one I have heard so far. She has my vote. I keep looking at the current candidates and thinking "out of 325 million people.... this is what I have to choose from?" A cat would bring a refreshing perspective that the...
  16. bengalcatman

    Cat toy FAILURES!

    But the cat in the video was having SO MUCH fun with it! Since nobody else here has a cat that likes that sort of thing.... I am beginning to wonder if the cats in those videos are highly trained and paid actors! Good advice on yanking the mechanism out and stuffing it. Might try that.
  17. bengalcatman

    Abandoned Kitten

    June Bug newest thing: she wants to walk! Early in this thread there were lots of pics showing June Bug out on walks. She enjoyed them when she was little but gradually she lost interest. For a time she liked sitting in the courtyard with us, but after a few months she didn't want to go out...