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  1. AbbysMom

    Make The 2nd Letter Your Last Letter Game

    Time to close this one.
  2. AbbysMom

    Where are you going?

    I'm going to go with Kauai. If you aren't comfortable using your first name you can use your username. :)
  3. AbbysMom

    Question of the day - Thursday 2 July

    Lately I've really been enjoying ricotta cheese on a pizza.
  4. AbbysMom

    Which Smiley Describes How You Are Feeling Today? - 2020

    I'm sorry. :grouphug2: Are they allowing visitors? They still aren't around here.
  5. AbbysMom

    Growing a Human

  6. AbbysMom

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Still the birds!
  7. AbbysMom

    What's your most questionable quarantine purchase?

    There is nothing wrong with a GIANT container of cheese balls! :lol: I won't buy them because I'll eat the whole thing myself. We're waiting! I bought lights that are specifically made to wrap around a tree trunk. they are half up. I need my husband's help with the ladder. It's...
  8. AbbysMom

    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On Tcs - 2020

    Probably cleaning my house. It's hot and humid and I don't feel like it though. :lol:
  9. AbbysMom

    Meal Delivery Services

    I used to get Hello Fresh for a while, but ended up cancelling because we starting getting vegetables that were rotten. :(
  10. AbbysMom

    15 year old girl needs to gain weight - help

    I hear you and sympathize with this!!! The only thing that has worked for me with the Denamarin is to wrap it in a soft treat and give it to her with another treat that doesn't have the pill with it. I still have her some time eat the treat and spit the pill out and I have to try again...
  11. AbbysMom

    15 year old girl needs to gain weight - help

    If it's noticeable now, I'm guessing she lost more weight. I'd consider putting another call into the vet to see if they have any ideas. The higher calorie food is a good idea. I have a cat that is around 16 now and we struggle to keep weight on her. Her liver numbers are also slightly...
  12. AbbysMom

    Weird smell that you like?

    This question is inspired by the rain the just started falling. :lol: I love the smell of rain on hot pavement when it hasn't rained in a while. I used to love the smell of bleach, but I think I'm starting to get bleached out after the past few months. :rolleyes2: What's a weird smell that...
  13. AbbysMom

    What's your favorite decade?

    I'll always go with 80's!
  14. AbbysMom

    Something In Your Kitchen (a-z)

    Time to close this one!
  15. AbbysMom

    Computer Advice

    I was going to suggest checking out a local store, but it looks like you are already doing it. Usually you can get a lot more for a lot less.
  16. AbbysMom

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A neighbor mowing their lawn.
  17. AbbysMom

    What are you watching/streaming?

    We've starting watching Top Chef from the first season. I've seen them, but my husband hasn't.
  18. AbbysMom

    Question of the Day, Friday, June 19

    I've always stocked up on things. I hate having to run out to the store if I run out of an item. I'll probably continue to stock up on things, but maybe a little more so on some of the basics.
  19. AbbysMom

    Academic subject you are bad at

    Does history count? I learned what I had to pass my tests and then forgot a lot of it. :cringe: