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  1. tabbytom

    The Real Cat Walk

    Models are under scrutiny in this fashion show. 'Coach' Kitty is showing them how to do the cat walk right :lol:
  2. tabbytom

    "Ring of Fire" - 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse

    Annular solar eclipse to darken Singapore skies on Dec 26 afternoon, first in 20 years. Just sharing a few photos taken slightly the start of the eclipse occurring and during it's peak. (shot from my mobile phone) At the Peak of the eclipse with moon in the centre of the Sun (left photo) and...
  3. tabbytom

    Show Us Your Rescues : Then and Now Photos

    POST YOUR RESCUE KITTIES PHOTOS HERE! :camera: :camera: :camera: Here's January. He was double dumped and was first found all alone with a gaping wound next to his anus when he was rescued off the streets and was dumped again the day he was rescued because of his injury. Estimated 3 weeks...
  4. tabbytom

    Any Good Tips To Get Your Cats To Eat? Share Them Here!

    There are many times when a cat refuse to eat due to change of food, due to health reasons, being fussy or gotten sick of what they have been eating and we try to get them to eat a new food and have problems getting them to eat. I see that there are many threads past and recent on how members...
  5. tabbytom

    The Catsite Homepage Featured ...........

    The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), a part of our local Government, posted a video on Facebook today, sent a feline friend called Max the Cat as an Intern to learn how our SMEs learn how to use technology to innovate and stay ahead. I just clicked on the video to see what it’s...
  6. tabbytom

    Come'on In And Post Photos Of Your Cats In And Around Their Tunnels..........

    ................playing, hunting, sleeping, hiding, sitting, stretching or anything they do that involves them and the tunnels. Here's January hunting
  7. tabbytom

    Error Message Pop Up Window

    This happened twice today, once from my iPhone and once from the iPad while tapping on the check message (last icon on the right next to envelop). Pop up menu says that I must be logged in to do that. I’ve don’t logged out and stay log in is checked and no change to my alert preferences. My...
  8. tabbytom

    Website Impersonating Thecatsite

    While refreshing the page on my iPad, I got this pop up. I sort of remember that I got this message once last year.
  9. tabbytom

    Website Impersonating Tcs

    I just got this message when refreshing TCS main page on my iPhone
  10. tabbytom

    Error Pop Up Window Appeared While Replying A Thread

    Got this error pop up window while trying to reply to a thread. Never seen this message before. It appears after hitting the Post Reply button. Surfing from iPad 100% and this is the first time encountering this :headscratch: :dunno:
  11. tabbytom

    Feedback Preview Of Photos Posted In Subscribed Thread

    Hello Catsite Team, I remembered that on the old platform, when we view a subscribed thread or maybe just viewing a thread, somewhere on the top right side of the page shows the photos that was posted in the thread. And we can click on the photos and it shows the all photos and we can go...
  12. tabbytom

    Feedback Alerts/notifications

    Some of us subscribed to Watched Forums or Watched Threads or both. So when there's a reply or new postings, we get an Alert notice and we click on the icon next to the conversation icon and either a drop down menu showing the messages or it opens another page that says show all. Would be good...
  13. tabbytom

    Cannot Edit Cat Pages

    Was trying to edit and add more photos to my boy's cat page but don't seem to be able to find the edit button. In the old site, we just click on the page where the signature is and I think on profile too, in this case, it's January's Page and it brings us to the page with an edit button. Now...
  14. tabbytom

    Cannot Find Old Posts From Your Content

    Today I was looking for a post I made before the Site Migration in Your Content and I couldn't find it as it was only 10 pages long and the posts were all from this new site. I used the search and it turned up. Question is Your Content is not linked to old post?
  15. tabbytom

    Feedback Uploading Multiple Photos

    Back in the old site we were able to select multiple photos to upload. Now we can only select one by one and not in multiples. That means by clicking on Upload Photos, select photo, click Upload Photo and select photo. Is there a way to select multiple photos to upload or did I miss that...
  16. tabbytom

    Being Reviewed Deleted Conversations - Where Does It Go?

    Is there a thrash can in Conversations? I accidentally deleted some PMs :doh: and dont know where they gone to as I cannot find a thrash can and restore deleted messages. Or did I totally missed out this feature somewhere? :headscratch:
  17. tabbytom

    Resolved Something Like A Status Line Below User's Name Not Showing Or No Longer An Option?

    I'm sorry that I forgot what term to call this but it was in the old site. The screenshot I took from Google image shows that below the user's name next to the avatar like what Mod AbbysMom has - "At Abby's beck and call...." is not a showing in the new platform at our user's name or is this...
  18. tabbytom

    Resolved Photo Links Under Signature Not Showing

    I remembered that in the old site, below our signature, we have at least 3 spaces for links to our photo albums. After the migrating over to this new platform, the links I had were not showing and also the signature is in a lighter greyish tone. I'm fine with the color tone but can we edit the...
  19. tabbytom

    Resolved Separate Log In To Another Domain While Clicking On Catsite's Link?

    I was just going through the New Site Guides and clicked on 'How To Edit Your Forum Signature' and a dialogue box appear and I was prompted to log in again but not to Catsite. Same to the other links in New Site Guides. Here's the screenshot :-