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  1. AbbysMom

    Where are you going?

    I'm going to go with Kauai. If you aren't comfortable using your first name you can use your username. :)
  2. AbbysMom

    Weird smell that you like?

    This question is inspired by the rain the just started falling. :lol: I love the smell of rain on hot pavement when it hasn't rained in a while. I used to love the smell of bleach, but I think I'm starting to get bleached out after the past few months. :rolleyes2: What's a weird smell that...
  3. AbbysMom

    What's your favorite decade?

    I'll always go with 80's!
  4. AbbysMom

    Choose your Beach

    I'm going to go with Beach 2.
  5. AbbysMom

    How does your cat feel about human skin?

    One of Abby's odd quirks is she can not stand lying on human skin. It was really hot and humid the other day but she wasn't feeling well and wanted to lie in my lap. I really didn't want to put the blanket she likes on, so I checked to see if she would be OK without the blanket and the crop...
  6. AbbysMom

    Which would you eliminate?

    This is an easy one for me. Definitely sushi.
  7. AbbysMom

    It's National Eat What You Want Day!

    What do you want? I'm thinking pizza or tacos and some kind of cake.
  8. AbbysMom

    I'm not coming out of quarantine until.....

    Until the Clash decides if they should stay or go.
  9. AbbysMom

    Pick 3 - TV shows

    I'm going to go with House, The Sopranos and Seinfeld.
  10. AbbysMom

    Name the Cartoon Character

  11. AbbysMom

    Game - Slap the Keyboard

    Directions: Randomly slap/tap on your computer keys example: fghjm Then the next person will create an acronym for it and then slap a new set of letters for the next post Fun Games Have Jelly Monkeys Ok then: ghou
  12. AbbysMom

    What flavor?

    All of the local ice cream shops are closed due to the virus, except for one. You can only get pints and quarts, no sundaes, cones, etc. What flavor would you get? I'd go for peanut butter oreo.
  13. AbbysMom

    Name a Film.......

    I'll start with Grease.....
  14. AbbysMom

    Beatles Songs

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  15. AbbysMom

    Yet Another Quarantine House

    I need a cat, so it would have to be #4, although #1 with a cat would be nice.
  16. AbbysMom

    Another Quarantine House

    It's between 1 and 3 for me. I'm leaning towards 3.
  17. AbbysMom

    Why did you join?

    Why did you join The Cat Site? I had lurked when my previous cat was dying, trying to figure out what was wrong with her. When we adopted Abby she had some allergy and anxiety issues and I joined to try to get some help with those. Here I still am, almost 15 years later.
  18. AbbysMom

    What's your Quarantine score?

    :wink: I'm only at a three so far, but expect it will get a bit higher as the day goes along. ** Yes, I realize quarantine is spelled wrong.
  19. AbbysMom

    What color is the Sneaker?

    I guess this is along the lines of the "What color is the dress?" phenomenon. It's a few years old, but I've never seen it before. It's gray and mint green for me, but when I went into my saved Facebook posts the smaller preview picture looked pink and white.
  20. AbbysMom

    Name a Song that Asks a Question

    Do you Know the way to San Jose? Dionne Warwick