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  1. roxy_loves_cj

    Human hair hanging out of my cat's behind...

    How did it turn out. The exact thing happened here. I thought it was stuck to her fur, turns it was hanging by a human hair inside her rectum. I didn't realize it until I pulled it off and she took off breaking the hair strand. She is walking like it bothers her. If she still seems bit here'd by...
  2. roxy_loves_cj

    Siamese Mix Needs home in NW ARkansas!

    Sorry I didnt get back to you Rachel. I have been out of town for thanksgiving. Well the update goes like this: I posted another round of signs in english and spanish on peoples doors asking if they had lost a cat to call me and describe it. No one replied. My dad posted on the tyson...
  3. roxy_loves_cj

    Siamese Mix Needs home in NW ARkansas!

    I would need help shipping her, but I do live within 15 minutes of an airport, so it is a strong possibility.
  4. roxy_loves_cj

    Siamese Mix Needs home in NW ARkansas!

    I am not sure how to transport an animal. I have never done it before. I am open though, just as long as she is loved and well cared for. I will have pictures of her in a bit.
  5. roxy_loves_cj

    Siamese Mix Needs home in NW ARkansas!

    Hey guys, I know its been a long time since I have posted, but I have a request I found a front foot declawed possibly pregnant siamese mix. She appears to be about one year old and is the sweetest little soul. No one is claiming her and I can only have 2 or I will get evicted. If I could I...
  6. roxy_loves_cj

    Hot to tell your a Cat Lover

    well i am glad i am not the only one that does one or two of those things (or all!! )
  7. roxy_loves_cj

    Don't eat or drink while watching this!

    I had to watch it 2 times. It was really funny. I love cats.
  8. roxy_loves_cj

    Y'know, those metal things on wheels at the grocery store??.....

    Another vote for buggies. Even the signs on the holder thingies in the parking lot say thank you for returning you buggy and not responsible for damages done by buggies.
  9. roxy_loves_cj

    New to Ebay

    Thanks for the hints guys, I am really going to try to make a go at this. Sar: If you really want that roxy bikini in small I will go and see what I can find. They had a bunch of them, but I figured medium was the most common size. Is the gallery pic the one that comes up on the search...
  10. roxy_loves_cj

    Anybody else do the "Breakfast Dance"?

    Thats cute! My CJ is so excited about his wet food he doesnt wait for it to come out of the pouch half the time, he starts eating on the way down and covers his face in it.... Boys huh
  11. roxy_loves_cj

    New to Ebay

    Well I finally got my nerve up to start selling on ebay. I went to my local store and bought 3 items to start with. 2 Lauren Ralph Lauren wallets in a croc sort of pattern one in bright pink and andother in turquoise. I am selling them for $40 dollars each (MSRP is $55). I also bought a Roxy...
  12. roxy_loves_cj

    Missouri Meet-up Anyone?

    I am from fayetteville arkansas, can you count me in too?
  13. roxy_loves_cj

    "The Cat To English Dictionary"

    Well that answers alot of questions.
  14. roxy_loves_cj

    Do you secretly (or not so secretly) favor one of your fur friends?

    I love gabbers, I really do, but CJ is my baby. I got CJ in the middle of a breakup from my boyfriend of 2 years. He was an abused kitten at a shelter who had reached the end of his stay (he was scheduled to be pts in 3 days). I went to see if a cat was right for me and he reached through the...
  15. roxy_loves_cj

    glitter pom poms

    Mine LOVE those pom poms! EMB_78 sent me some for christmas and my cats think they are the greatest invention since catnip mice.
  16. roxy_loves_cj


    I was wondering how you and king milky were doing the other day! I cant wait till you are on the boards like you used to be!
  17. roxy_loves_cj

    Rosie and Sophie's new den

    Did anyone else notice that rosie's mouth was closed in all of them?! whats up with that?!
  18. roxy_loves_cj

    If you don't talk to your cats about catnip, who will?

    Yeah Gabby is wAAAAAY over the legal limits in that pic. It seems though she isnt the only one.............
  19. roxy_loves_cj

    If you don't talk to your cats about catnip, who will?

    Here is gabby. Catnip doesnt do anything to cj, but gabbers seems to have fun.