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  1. IndyJones

    DELAYED, prolonged vaccine reaction

    It possably is a suspension ingredient common to all vaccienes. Not my cat that had a delayed reaction but myself. After recieving COVID 19 vacciene i was fine for a few days then felt like I was hit by a truck the third or fourth day. I couldn't stand at one point. Had fever and chills too...
  2. IndyJones

    What would he be called (one of my delly beans babies)

    I want to say lilac tabby point but possably chocolate too. Maybe burmese? A dsh though with no papers. The white markings are called socks. At least in horses they are.
  3. IndyJones

    When you can’t decide on a water bowl

    I used to have a "water cooler" style one but got moss/algee in it after a few days so ended up throwing it out. Had the same isse with fountains only worse. Also had a fountain develop an obnoxious whine/slurping sound. Overall a regular ceramic or stainless bowl seems to work best.
  4. IndyJones

    Featured A dark trend on youtube...

    The fake rescue videos make me sick and I made this thread to help raise awareness of this disgusting issue. I even saw one poor kitten used in multiple abuse videos until she died and they dug up her corpse over and over to make more videos, how disgusting is that? To break the poor things...
  5. IndyJones

    Featured A dark trend on youtube...

    The ones I watch are only animal planet/bbc ones and known channels like kitten lady or jackson galaxy. They don't put the animals in the situations they are in. The dog rescuers RSPCA animal rescue And Pet rescue are all wholsome programs that aired on tv originaly and are safe to watch if...
  6. IndyJones

    Willy might have cancer -- Treatment thread

    I do not see a lump in that picture. Am I missing something?
  7. IndyJones

    Featured A dark trend on youtube...

    I only recently found out that many of the cat rescue videos on youtube are in fact fake. People are staging them and putting cats and dogs into dangerous situations for clicks. Its not just one person or channel either but many. They even killed a puppy to stage a car acident "victim"...
  8. IndyJones

    Mother cat has gone missing

    Please keep her indoors from now on. If ahe gets out again she can get pregnant again.
  9. IndyJones

    You know what's fascinating? The radiator knob.

    The worts case scenario would be the relief valve failing and hot water all over the floor. Would recommend shutting the main valve to the boiler off in this scenario as it would be catestrophic failure of the system. The boiler could also explode but very unlikely to happen or injure anybody...
  10. IndyJones

    Cat acne -- do you think this requires a vet visit?

    I don't see a head on it. Try a warm face cloth on it, should open the pores and help it come to a head (white bump)
  11. IndyJones

    Mother cat has gone missing

    Is ahe spayed? If not chances are she will come back pregnant. Cats can get pregnant after goving birth.
  12. IndyJones

    Last Letter Starts the Next Cat-Related Word

  13. IndyJones

    Cat Grass For Toothless Cat

    I wonder if chia is safe for cats... the plant just kind of clings to stuuff so theres no dirt or anything.
  14. IndyJones

    Cat running away from home

    Build an enclosure for them if they can't be indoors. You may have to trap them with a live trap if they are too skittish to pick up.
  15. IndyJones

    Filtered Fountains

    They do get slimy fairly quickly. I am also not a fan of any that are plastic. The flower ones especialy have narrow paths the dishwasher can't reach. Dishwasher is best for things that can harbor bacteria because they get fairly hot. Would not reccomend putting the pumps in there though...
  16. IndyJones

    I cant find my new kitten.

    I don't even have a box spring I have a raised platform bed with a temper pedic matress. Never had a cat climb into my matress but many onto the bed.
  17. IndyJones

    Toys big enough to not be batted under furniture/doors

    Kabuto also acted the same way around castored chairs and wheelie bins he came from the spca so its possable he had a bad experience with something that made the plastic rolling on plastic sound. He is fine with wheels now though.
  18. IndyJones

    Toys big enough to not be batted under furniture/doors

    Kabuto went squirrly tailed and growled at it. He is a very chill cat normaly but the sound just freaked him out.
  19. IndyJones

    Toys big enough to not be batted under furniture/doors

    You mean the ones that look like a loading circle with a ball? I used to have one but the noise scared Kabuto so I gave it to the humane society. It was loud when the ball rolled around.
  20. IndyJones

    Foster cat keeps peeing in bed, I'm desperate for more ideas to try 😭

    Taken from the amazon description of the food. Sounds like its just more flavorful. Reviews seem hit and miss reguarding wheather it actualy works or not.