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  1. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Test For Blood Clotting

    To the best of my knowledge there is NO SNAP test for identifying clotting disorders. There are several clotting factors which means there are several things that can go wrong with clotting. No single test can pinpoint what the problem is. Test like prothrombin time, partial thromboplastin...
  2. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Spaying Less Than Two Weeks Following Vaccinations

    I really can't add much to this response. The critical concern with FIV is the fact that testing for FIV can not differentiate between a cat with the disease and a cat vaccinated for FIV. The could result in misdiagnosis of the disease and possible euthanasia of the cat. Since FeLV requires a...
  3. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Neutered Cat Still Has Urges

    For the torsion (twisted) retained testicle what you would see is intense pain. A tumor of a retained testicle would present as a mass in the abdomen and may result in more intense male behaviors. If it is some other source of testosterone, any clinical signs would be completely dependent on...
  4. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Neutered Cat Still Has Urges

    Correction: The next to last paragraph should have said: So now that I have scared you, if you can tolerate the behavior the chances that any of three of the conditions above occurring are so small that I would NOT worry about them.
  5. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Neutered Cat Still Has Urges

    It is highly unlikely that he developed this habit in such a short time. Which leads us back to does he have a retained testicle somewhere, or some ectopic tissue producing testosterone. Here are the things that could eventually be bad. If it is a retained testicle there are two things that...
  6. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Spaying Less Than Two Weeks Following Vaccinations

    If you kitten is now 14 weeks old and is getting another round of vaccines on the 25th, she will be approximately 16 weeks old at that time. She is old enough to develop full immunity at that age and there should be minimal risk of getting an infectious disease at the time of surgery.
  7. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Neutered Cat Still Has Urges

    This is highly unusual. That means there is no easy answer. Testicles are the primary source of testosterone, so if both testicles have been removed testosterone should be either absent or extremely low. The fact that this cat was neutered at 5 months of age, makes it even more unusual...
  8. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Neutering Ends Spraying/marking ?

    Male cats spray urine to mark their territory. This is a sexual behavior. If a cat is neutered before they begin to spray, in most situations they will never begin to spray. However, if a cat is neutered after they begin to spray it may or may not stop the spraying. It depends on whether or...
  9. Dr. Phil Bushby


    The purpose of the collar is to prevent the cat from licking/chewing at the incision site. You certainly cold try the t-shirt or Onesie option and see how she reacts. As long as she is not going after the incision you are good.
  10. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Prevalence Of Spay Complications

    There is very little in the veterinary literature about the incidence of spay neuter complications. This is in part because these are the most common surgeries performed in small animal veterinary medicine and in part because the incidence of complications is extremely low. The more...
  11. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Hyper Thyroid

    The major you can do with diet in the hyperthyroid cat is attempt to minimize weight lose (or even cause weight gain). To do this you need a high caloric diet. A diet that is 15 - 25% fat (on a dry matter basis) would help. Also, if the cat does NOT have concurrent kidney disease (which is...
  12. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Bonded Pair After Spaying & Neutering?

    There is no way to predict absolutely, but it is highly unlikely that their bonding will change. You don't mention how old the kittens are, but the bonding that occurs when they are under 4 months of age would have nothing to do with sexual attraction. There would be no reason that spay/neuter...
  13. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Spaying Pregnant Cats

    The uterus is larger and more vascular. This means that the spay incision will need to be larger, the surgeon will have to pay very close attention to preventing hemorrhage (but we have to do that in every surgery anyway) and the surgery will most likely take a little bit longer in the pregnant...
  14. Dr. Phil Bushby

    A Few Questions About Early Spay/neuter

    There are several questions in this post and I will try to answer each one. Preanesthetic blood work in a kitten: If the kitten appears healthy on physical examination, is eating normally and gaining weight kidney and liver function will be normal and there is no need to perform...
  15. Dr. Phil Bushby

    To Spay Or Not

    Most people consider preventing pregnancy as the reason to spay their cat. And certainly that is a primary reason, but not the only reason. Spaying reduces the chances of mammary cancer (which is the 3rd most common cancer in cats and is almost always malignant) and eliminates the chance of...
  16. Dr. Phil Bushby

    Spaying Pregnant Cats

    This may sound a little cold, but there are already more kittens in the world than there are homes for. I would recommend spaying her while she is pregnant. If the uterus is never opened during the surgery the kittens never "wake up" so they don't feel any pain or suffering.