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  1. maggie101

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    They arrived today. Amazon refunded me last week. What a mess! Now I have to contact Amazon to give the shoes back. Or maybe I should contact usps. Or not mention it and donate them. Will Amazon know they arrived?
  2. maggie101

    Do I make complaint to clinic owner or clinic manager?

    Have you talked to anyone that works there?
  3. maggie101

    How often does your kitty go to the litter box?

    Morning and night, sometimes day
  4. maggie101

    Stray cat with 8 kittens

    What food have you tried? When I set traps I cover it with a towel and put blankets where the kitten steps. Even decorate the trap with flower pots. Is the kitten aware that you have a dog? Where have you put the trap?
  5. maggie101

    New cat only likes the expensive stuff

    What ff did she try? My cat loves ff classics turkey&giblets and beef. She does not like tuna. It does not need to be kitten food. Rc is too expensive.
  6. maggie101

    Mother cat has gone missing

    Does she have access to go inside whenever she wants? I had a stray that liked to watch her kittens(take a break from nursing) from my neighbors or using the restroom. Since she is not fixed I assume keep her inside
  7. maggie101

    I cant find my new kitten.

    I removed box springs so she can no longer get under on her back,attach her claws,and crawl all over like spiderman!
  8. maggie101

    Is wet food enough ?!

    Since my cat was 5 weeks old,now 11, she only eats wet. I gave her mostly wellness core. Never bothered whether it was kitten or adult food. Now at a healthy weight. Just recently she had blood testing done and urinalysis. Perfect health. You will notice that she will drink less on wet. Now my...
  9. maggie101

    Travel cat crates for multiple cats?

    Problem I have with carriers is my 6 pound cat grabs thesesides so I have to buy an extra large one. She is 11 years old, healthy, just tiny. Maybe different material she won't be able to grab?
  10. maggie101

    A couple things....

    Thanks,i will try again. My simplest meal is with my slow cooker 2 chicken breasts,broth diced tomatos,Rotella tomatos,can beans,chopped veggies,salsa,bayleafs,cook 5 hrs on low
  11. maggie101

    A couple things....

    Gosh,we need to have a party!
  12. maggie101

    How much do kittens actually play?

    Her favorite toy
  13. maggie101

    A couple things....

    That's alot of work. So how do you keep food from sticking?
  14. maggie101

    A couple things....

    Good tip. I don't have a way to open windows. Ever burnt broccoli? It's the worst. I had to leave
  15. maggie101

    IBD cat not eating

    If she has not eaten in 48 hrs,take her to your regular vet for tube feeding. Don't want her to have liver disease! What did the endoscope show that confirmed IBD? what were her symptons besides not eating? When they thought my cat Maggie had ckd,she was on Prescription food which she did not...
  16. maggie101

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    Maggie is a mini leopard. Black with grey blotches. Not over weight. Big cat. My other smaller cats do not like her
  17. maggie101

    How much do kittens actually play?

    Playing with Maggie at night got her more crazy. End up being I had to shut her out of my bedroom then. Open it 15 minutes later
  18. maggie101

    Bathroom issues.

    Very nice! Please give an update. My cats are senior,one with IBD.
  19. maggie101

    How much do kittens actually play?

    My cat Maggie was wild at 3 months old. I do wish she had a play mate but I already had 2 others. I also had cubes, 72 inch tower, ripple rug. Scheduled feeding 3x a day. She played before eating,after,and late at night. My cat Peaches does not like her. She would get startled,tail poof out big...
  20. maggie101

    Bathroom issues.

    I need one of those! On amazon?