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  1. darkeyedgirl

    Picture of the Month: Cat Hugs!

    Skippy and Tiger! Brothers from the same litter! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!! =-D
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  3. darkeyedgirl

    Picture of the Month: Cat Hugs!

    My beloved Snickers giving me a hug. Snicky was my first cat, and when he died at age 19, he took a part of my heart with him. He battled liver disease in the last few months of his life, he was blind and deaf, but still played, got around and picked on that catnip sock of his all night long! I...
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  5. darkeyedgirl

    Blockage, UTI and dealing with it :(

    I have a story for you that may give you hope. In early 2005, my cat Snickers, who was 14 years old at the time, suddenly developed Struvite crystals. I found him the same way - laying in a weird place, bloody urine, hunching over to pee. Took him to my Vet and they unblocked him (got all the...
  6. darkeyedgirl

    Question of the Day: Tues. May 15

    Hammie's favorite toy is a stuffed mouse, that he carries around 'singing' to, and then he drowns it in the water bowl! I heard he does this to show ownership of the bowl... Zorro doesn't play... he's old and grumpy... Skippy's favorite toys are area rugs. He likes to go running full speed and...
  7. darkeyedgirl

    Comment by 'darkeyedgirl' in article 'Special Needs Cats: Meet Keyser'

    He does 'smile' quite a bit. During his neutering, Maria at our Vet's office said, "he was actually smiling with his mouth open the whole time!".... they said his bottom jaw is so large because he went so long with his boy-parts (they were um, horrifingly huge), she said his jaw will most likely...
  8. darkeyedgirl

    mondays question of the day

    On weekdays: 1 ounce of plain, whole, unsalted almonds. A serving is 24 almonds. Starts my day out right with protein, fills me up, and helps to balance blood sugar issues! On weekends: whatever the hubby wants to make. He is the breakfast guy on weekends. Eggs of course, adore eggs! Bacon if...
  9. darkeyedgirl

    How do you know when "it's time"???

    You guys were right... it was THE hardest decision we've had to make in a LONG time. We took her yesterday... when I got home, KC was still on her sheepskin bed. She was heaving to breathe and she just looked SO tired. Hubby came home and we got the garden ready... her little spot. I tried to...
  10. darkeyedgirl

    How do you know when "it's time"???

    I hate to have to post this, but I just made an appt for KC to have her put down today. She ate a few treats and that was it, that was Friday. She hasn't touched food or water. She did go to the bathroom but it was such a scant amount... we kept her in quarantine in the bedroom until last...
  11. darkeyedgirl

    How do you know when "it's time"???

    Okay - I have news! We still have KC quarantined in the 4th bedroom. Overnight apparnetly she PEED and POOPED!!!! I told the kids the only way I can get her through this and NOT have her put down is if she goes potty! AND SHE DID!!! My daughter scraped through the box and found it! So KC...
  12. darkeyedgirl

    How do you know when "it's time"???

    Thanks for the reply guys. You always help me! I called my Vet, they know me REAL well. They said that K.C. is probably already in kidney failure. I told them she had a few treats a few nights ago and I know for a fact she hasn't used the potty since 5pm last night (UNLESS by some miracle, she...
  13. darkeyedgirl

    How do you know when "it's time"???

    Hi all. My cat Miss K.C. hasn't been acting right. We do not know how old she really is. She was a stray who came to me back in late 1994. At that time --- she weight 3 pounds and was dirty, wormy, full of mites. Very icky, because she was a 'street rat'. Welp I took her in, cleaned her up, and...
  14. darkeyedgirl

    kitten with broken back!

    17 years ago, I found a kitten in my garage with a broken back leg. It had broken and then REGROWN into that broken position. What the Vet did was re-break the leg (Snickers was put under for the operation) and put a long splint in the bone. The leg had to be immobilized but we're talking...
  15. darkeyedgirl

    Question of the Day - August 14th

    A couple of months ago, I just got a trim. I only get 'trims' every 8 weeks or so because I am growing out my third lock for 'Locks of Love'. (I am a hair donor and will be donating in mid 2009)
  16. darkeyedgirl

    How do you cheer up?

    I buy a big fat mocha with whipped cream. Nothing like a cup full of caffeine, chocolate, and creamy fat to top it all off. mmm... Also an instant cheer-up is hugging one of my cats or the dog. Hearing my kids laugh or make funny noises. Hearing my hubby laugh or even projectile belch while...
  17. darkeyedgirl

    Are you good with money?

    I think I'm good with money. I own a house that is worth more than what I paid for it cuz I rehabbed the old ugly thing. My car is paid for, runs great. My kids are well dressed and really want for nothing. Yup I have credit card debt, yah, but this is America. It's up there, too! If I had a...
  18. darkeyedgirl

    Thought Question - money habits?

    Any time I get a raise and/or bonus, it goes towards debt. Debt is sort of a revolving door for me and the hubs, it's neverending and always there... so any extra moola goes towards the big D.
  19. darkeyedgirl

    If you had to give it up...

    Dishwasher for me too. I could easily hand-wash everything, even with a family of four. (We run that thing daily but me and the kids could hand wash the stuff) (plus I can't count how many wine glasses have been busted by Ye Olde Dishwasher... ouch) I could live without my car IF hubby and I...
  20. darkeyedgirl

    Oscar the cat

    No wonder the Egyptians (and people all over the world!) worship cats. They are very intuitive! I think Oscar is mighty special. I loved the story.