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  1. sherit

    Me And My Cat

    Lavishsqualor, thank you so much, that photo was not planned... Most of what I wear is WHITE...linen or white cotton Since you have such a visual eye as I do...I included a photo of Lily and I at christmas in our black and white look... I fell in love with Lily, she was so soft and so...
  2. sherit

    Me And My Cat

    can you put a large chair by a window that the cat can lie in and look out the window? Lily loves her large chair and sits by the window to look out daily and watch the birds and sky and day dream? Here is her chair...and I had to add this one of just a box and Lily sitting on it to see the deer...
  3. sherit

    Lily 2nd Birthday, Terrible!

    Tabbytom every girl wants to be told she is beautiful, Lily thanks you! Betsygee thank you for enjoying her birthday and commenting and to anyone else that enjoys and comments...Lily and I appreciate you and your comments! SheriT
  4. sherit

    Why Does A Young Cat Like To Lie Down In The Clean Litter Box?

    I have always wondered what fascinates a cat that chooses to lie down in the clean litter box and just stares as you walk by..doing it for fun ? I then take 10 papertowels and wet them and I clean their undersides, paws , back and throat and then face...after wards..and dry them as I do not...
  5. sherit

    Lily 2nd Birthday, Terrible!

    Lily, had her birthday party this week and she showed her terrible two's! I had the table cloth and all the presents arranged and had groomed her earlier... I walked to the kitchen to get Lily's birthday cake and came around the entrance and she had took a run and slide and the entire table...
  6. sherit

    Help my cat wont stop viciously attacking me!

    Hi AV22498N I have some advice that I need to share with you both. I have had cellulitis from a cat scratch and had to take the shot and antibiotics...for a week. I suggest you keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and q tips in your bathroom high on a shelf. If you ever get one scratch a tiny...
  7. sherit

    Cats Who Sit Like Humans

    Cupcake is just so long and lean and beautiful Love the last photo of her ... Everyones cats are just so sweet on here! Sheri T, Lily and Bro
  8. sherit

    Cats Who Sit Like Humans

    About BRO that made me laugh here he is right before that photo he had woken up and sat up to watch National Geographic channel!
  9. Cats Who Sit Like Humans

    Cats Who Sit Like Humans

  10. sherit

    Cats Who Sit Like Humans

    Bro is  a big cat ... and is almost 10 years old ...16 lbs and I find that he will be sitting on the couch even more upright watching the television!
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  12. sherit

    September Giveaway! FREE top quality scratching post by Art, Motion & Sound

    Entry Horizontal Scratch in Light Oak for Bro and Lily
  13. sherit

    Spider Bite and Kitties

    I just posted my thoughts to you Please do not get a bomb or treat the inside of your apt. Pesticides are dangerous to cats, dogs, or you or birds.. They attack the central nervous system to my knowledge and if they do that to a bug or spider then humans or pets are going to suffer the...
  14. sherit

    Comment by 'sherit' in media 'Spider bite.jpg'

    I am so sorry about this bite..   I try to vacumn a lot and I use a shark steam machine for tile and hardwoods..weekly   cleaning out closets and vacumning you will find many spiders and under beds...   They do not like the noise or vibration of cleaning and I literally have seen huge spiders...
  15. sherit

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    To Tabby Tom: who posted their 4 week old this thread.. I have owned 5 tabby kittens/that grew into adults.. Kittens at that age are so cute... all legs yours at 4 weeks, the grey kitten asleep. Each time I go to Pet smart I go look at the cats and kittens for adoption...
  16. sherit

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    My birthday party just wore me out! I am asleep...yours truly, Peebo
  17. sherit

    Adding a new cat to the family

    First I would have a hard time giving up the moma and kittens but due to cost and time and energy to have at least 4 litter boxes and cleaning out all day and night..that would be exhausting.. We have 2 cats a female adopted last november and a 9 year old male both have large plastic storage...
  18. sherit

    Any members getting a strange notice of someone on here unfriended you?

    you are welcome...just watch out for it on this site on the right where the advertising shows up. it is not there this afternoon.. Sheri T
  19. sherit

    Quick Giveaway! FREE Turbo Scratchers for two winners!

    Hi there Lily said it that was a compliment for her, she will gladly accept it from you! smiles...and thank you for you and anyone that thinks she is pretty! Sheri T for Lily