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    Drinking Fountain Recommendations

    I have 2 from Pioneer Pet(the big max & the 96oz raindrop). Both are super easy to clean. I love the big max the most.
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    Uti Trouble - Need Advice

    Thank you Mamanyt1953. I called the vet and actually ended up taking Mia in for a appointment where theh did another urinalysis and an ultrasound on her bladder. Urinalysis came back excellent but found pretty bad inflammation of the walls of her bladder. We saw a different vet than before and I...
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    Uti Trouble - Need Advice

    A little over 3 weeks ago I noticed my 1.5 year old female cat(Mia) straining in the litter box and not producing a lot of urine with some blood. Took her to the vet and got meds(antibiotic and cosequin) for 2 weeks with a follow up appointment. The vet wasn't able to get any urine at the first...
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    Diet After Uti

    Over the past three days it has been determined one of my cats(Mia) has a UTI. She is now on antibiotics and cosequin for two weeks. I knew going into the vet they would recommend a prescription diet which they did & it would be Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care Stress. There...
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    Food Choice Help

    To start with I have a very tight budget but have been looking for a better food for my cats. Right now they are eating Purina Cat Chow Gentle & they do get wet food daily. It is not in my budget to buy $30-$50 7-12lb bags of food or to feed an all wet diet. I have 7 cats and we go through a lot...
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    Should We Get A Third Cat?

    I went through a similar situation not long ago. I had a stray cat who gave birth at my house. When the kittena were 4 months old I found 3 of them good homes & I kept the 4th one(Dixon). Well this stray cat had got pregnant again before I could have her spayed. When she had the 2nd litter of...
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    Raw Beginner

    Thank you everyone so far this has definitely helped a lot & now I have a good starting point!
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    Raw Beginner

    Alnutrin supplement is the premix I've started looking at. Do you use the pre-measured or the one you measure yourself? About how many meals would you say you make per package(whichever one you use pre-packaged or self measure)? I only had 3 for several years but this past year I took in a...
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    Raw Beginner

    I am in the very early stages of looking into raw feedings. I'm just looking for some tips on where to start as in which articles, websites, etc. What helped you start a raw diet? I have 7 cats that I will be potentially feeding a raw diet. They range in ages from 15yrs to 1yr and weights of...
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    Questions About Adopting Indoor/outdoor Cats From Family Member

    I'm sorry I can't answer all your questions but #3 concerning the litter box. This is my own personal exprience with this type of situation. A little over a year ago I started taking care of a pregnant stray. Through this whole process of having two litters, getting her spayed & everything else...
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    Splitting Advantage ii doses?

    You split doses regularly then & have since the "do not use on cats" label has been put on the box. I'm not exactly sure when it was added to the box since I have only been using it for around 2 years now(it is what I have seen in some comments). That label is what makes rethink splitting doses...
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    Splitting Advantage ii doses?

    I've seen quite a bit of stuff on buying the large dog Advantage ii & breaking the doses down for cats. I've been wondering about this & if it is actually safe to do. I would love to hear from anyone who does this for their own pets. I have 7 cats so this would be extremely cost effective if...
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    Clumping Litters?

    I use Tidy Cats non-clumping 24/7 performance litter & have been for a couple years now except recently I am using a lot more litter(almost 80lbs a month). I have 5 cats possibly 6 soon. I have been looking at clumping litters(natural, clay, etc.) I have 2 Petmate Giant Litter Pans & a Van Ness...
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    Having 6 cats?

    No my grandma lives in her own home. I didn't mean for it to sound like I don't take care of the cleaning of everything that comes with having cats because I do. I scoop litter boxes at least once a day & completely change them every other week. This is what works for us. I have the biggest...
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    Having 6 cats?

    So I have 5 cats & a litter of 5 kittens from a stray that has pretty much become ours. I have fallen for one of the kittens but I don't know whether I should keep her or not. I had originally planned on keeping her. Then I had to take one of my kittens(Mia) from the previous litter back which I...
  16. Having 6 cats?

    Having 6 cats?

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