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  1. iamcasey

    What other animals do you have?

    Since my cute hamster died so many years ago, I only have a cat for my great companion at home, but who knows in the future I might opt for another pet. Maybe a fish is great for me.
  2. iamcasey

    I Found A Very Useful App

    This is great, my house actually 24/7 nonstop WiFi working, the modem will never switch off unless need to go for a long vacation. So it will be 2 in 1 solution, a safety camera and to know what your naughty cat do while we are at work.
  3. iamcasey

    Cat V Kitten

    My newbie opinion, cats are sometimes just like a human, have a wide range of personalities, it really depends on how the cat is being treated and also the environment that the cat being raise. Sometimes a stray cat, even though it is just the first time we met, it feels like the cat knows me...
  4. iamcasey

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2018

    Thanks for your concern mamanyt.. by the way I can truly assure that he will come back. From the previous record, the longest period my cat can disappear is 3 weeks, then he will come back. He will do that every 6 months, I really do not know where my he goes, maybe one day I will put the GPS...
  5. iamcasey

    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    my cat is talking to universe right now :lol: she is looking to the sky for so long, maybe bird watching
  6. iamcasey

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2018

    Hi newbie here, actually i really miss one of my cats, he has been gone missing almost a week.. i hope he will be back