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  1. michalann65

    Simply Nourish cat food , new for my cats

    I  felt like I should weigh in since in an earlier post I had been an advocate for Simply Nourish.  My cats have eaten it for about 3 years now and it seemed to agree with them and they liked it.  Then I started to notice a great deal of "powder" or very finely crumbled food at the bottom of the...
  2. michalann65

    Cat Fights

    That is interesting that you ask, I was thinking about that this afternoon.  I put the kitty up that he usually goes after and let him join everyone this afternoon and he stalked and went after one of the females.  So it appears now that it isn't a male against male thing.....
  3. michalann65

    Cat Fights

    I took Blackie to our vet for a physical and thorough checkup.  Everything seems to be in order.  She has put him on Prozac to see if that makes a was a big help to one of our other cats who was a highly anxious and sometimes aggressive cat so we will see and hope for the best. 
  4. michalann65

    Cat Fights

    Thank you for your indepth reply.  The only health issue he has had (& we have been taking him about every 10 days for a while) is an eye infection that we cannot get cleared up.  Our vet is really stymied as we have used practically all the traditional medications and we think it is clear and...
  5. michalann65

    Four-month old persian princess steps on her poop a lot--Frustrated and Desperate mom needs help!

    Considering you talking about being a neat freak & the OCD you have, I am not sure that a Persian was the best choice of kitten for you.  Having had one and having a partial one now, if they don't have poop on their feet they generally have it around their behinds.  Hair is so long that...
  6. michalann65

    Cat Fights

    Thank you.  I have already started trying to rehome Blackie.  I think their fights are too fierce and while his attacks are the most fierce against Puck, he still will go after any and all of them, male or female if they look at him wrong or growl at him.That is usually just hiss and spit but...
  7. michalann65

    Cat Fights

    HELP HELP HELP!  I have a multi-cat family and they all get along amazingly well for the most part..  But I have 2 males, both neutered and one literally hates the other.  We have had Puck for about 3 years now.....and he is sometimes an entitled cat.  If he thinks one of the others is getting...
  8. michalann65

    Simply Nourish cat food , new for my cats

    I had my kitties on EVO dry & wet for about a year and they gained a tremendous amount of weight.  I have not ever had much luck with the weight reduction foods of any brand, seems like they only eat more.  I switched to Simply Nourish and my cats love it.  They have d  Severa; one really well...
  9. michalann65

    6-month-old kitten ONLY 2.6 lbs!

    Thank you for your info on the Immodium.  We used it under the care of our vet and when I say sliver, we mean sliver.  And we were doing other things.  But it became so explosive and he was losing so much fluid that we did it only as an emergency response to slow it up and it did help.  But you...
  10. michalann65

    6-month-old kitten ONLY 2.6 lbs!

    When both my babies presented with Corona Virus they explained that it was not FIP, but it is a forerunner of it.  We treated with Interferon and then Prednisone.  I don't know how your vet feels about it but if the diahrrhea continues you might try a little piece of Immodium.    It would...
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  12. White Cat

    White Cat

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  15. Blackie & Serendipity

    Blackie & Serendipity

    Blackie (face only) showed up in our driveway a few months ago and of course stayed. Serendipity was a little feral born in the bus garage for the City of Wichita as a feral and when her mother was killed, my husband became hthe only one who could get near her. He finally brought her home...
  16. michalann65

    You know ....

    When you leave to go to the store, or dr. or wherever and have a long running conversation about where you are going and when you will be back!
  17. michalann65

    6-month-old kitten ONLY 2.6 lbs!

    What about the possibility of Corona Virus.  Had a similar situation with a brother & sister rescue.....sounds much like this.....the diarrhea went on forever.  Finally the vet sent their fecals to a lab and it came back Corona Virus.  Which I understand is not unusual in rescue kitties and a...
  18. michalann65

    my little boy just had his leg amputated....

    We have a little girl who must have similar circumstances.  Apparently sometimes when they come from rescues that don't have much money (and few do) they do these partial amputations like yours must have had and we had one too.  Ours was such that she was thrown into a pond wrapped in fishing...
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  20. michalann65

    Bad Food (Maybe?)

    Thank you for all your responses.  I did plug in an air freshener to the bedroom because when Chad was sick I kept him in the bedroom and put a litterbox in it.  Even tho I cleaned it many many times a day I felt like I still had some residual odor so put in an air freshener.  I usually am very...