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  1. kitty kisser

    The Smartest Thing Your Cat Has Ever Done?

    My Katness is the smartest of the two cats she fetches her toys for hours .
  2. kitty kisser

    Keeping The Hamster Safe

    I’ve tried to find locking clips for the cage but even on chewy they says they are for smaller aquariums
  3. kitty kisser

    I Just Bought The Grumpiest Goldfish

    Maybe our fish could be friends LOL
  4. kitty kisser

    Keeping The Hamster Safe

    Thanks I will check it out!
  5. kitty kisser

    Keeping The Hamster Safe

    I fell in love with this little hamster at the local pet shop. My daughter begged my husband for him. I bought a 40 gallon fish tank with a screen lid to keep the cats out . My cats are infatuated with Ruby the hamster Catness practically freaked out the first time he was exercising in his ball...
  6. kitty kisser

    Dry Food For Sensitive Stomach?

    One of my cats has had a sensitive stomach for years she is 6 yrs old . I was feeding Blue Buffalo sensitive in the pink bag plus she gets her canned indoor friskies for breakfast. Honestly I live in a small town and grabbed some Purina One sensitive at Walmart last time I bought cat food and...
  7. kitty kisser

    Opinions On Chicken Soup For The Soul Food

    My cats are pickier with the wet food I usually feed friskies or ff. I feed different brands of dry food all the time they just finished a 15 lb bag of chicken soup for the soul took my 2 cats about 3 months . Currently they are eating a 6 lb bag of blue buffalo sensative in the pink bag. Then...
  8. kitty kisser

    Opinions On Chicken Soup For The Soul Food

    I’ve fed chicken soup for the soul adult chicken formula my cats like it & imo it’s great food for the price! My sensative digestion cat holds it down and everyone that comes to my home comments on how big & beautiful my cats are!!
  9. kitty kisser

    Royal Canin Gastrointestinal

    Catness can't tolerate max cat indoor did the same thing had to give the bag to a friend who's cats didn't have a problem with it. I would see if the purchased at store will refund your money the sometimes will if you talk with the manager. Catness does well on Blue Buffalo sensative Systems...
  10. kitty kisser

    Which Dry Is Better?chicken Soup Or Solid Gold

    I have two female cats both around 16lbs one is fat and stocky Catness. While Rose is long and lanky I feed them 1 can of Friskies in the morning which the share. They mostly feed on dry threw out the day I was wondering which is better? Chicken Soup for The Soul adult Cat food or Solid Gold...
  11. kitty kisser

    Question of the Day, Friday, November 4

    My favorite holiday is Easter because I usually have income tax money available . The Easter baskets don't cost much and I like the reason behind the season.
  12. kitty kisser

    Kitten has fine bumpy fungus

    Took my feral kitten approximately 11 weeks old according to the vet in for bumps around her anus and on her belly. The vet doesn't know exactly what it is but says it's some kind of fungus. She said it looks like it was healing and gave me a Keto-Med PS Medicated Shampoo to treat it with she...
  13. kitty kisser

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, October 5, 2016

    The Walrus & The Carpenter -Alice &Wonderland
  14. There is a new cat in town

    There is a new cat in town

  15. kitty kisser

    There is a new cat in town

    Welcome Tuniki from Rose, Catness & Ozzy we are all so excited to meet you!
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  19. kitty kisser

    how much time do you give your cats to eat?

    My cats breakfast consists of 1/2 a can each of Friskies. I leave it out all day. The also have a self feeder of dry Purina Muse Charmed with Chicken. I have a thick cat & a thin one so its hard to put them on a diet because of the thin one. I'm fostering a kitten she gets about 1/2 a can of...