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  1. lmj1954

    Comment by 'lmj1954' in article 'How Old Do Kittens Have To Be To Leave Their Mother?'

    I got my cat at 3 weeks old (is almost 17 now!) she was a orphan, mother got hit by a car and I was asked to take her. She never got socialized and bites me in affection. When I first got her she would not bottle feed her KMR and I feared for her life. I put down a saucer and she lapped it right...
  2. lmj1954

    Bald Spot

    My cat was licking her fur off until getting bald spots, turns out after she was taken off chicken for 8 weeks it grew back, was a allergy to chicken. However when all this was going on the vet did a skin scrape to test, that was about 7 months ago and the area she scraped is bald, am I to...
  3. lmj1954

    Cheapest cat toy!

    A grape! I dropped one on the floor and Lulu batted that thing all over the house for an hour on and off, she had such a good time with that darn grape. Sometimes it is the simple things like a empty thread spool, a aluminum foil ball, a ring from a milk jug. One thing I avoid is the balls...
  4. lmj1954

    Glorious Day

    Almost 8 p.m here in Omaha, it is 70 degrees. Today it was 75. Unreal! I got out and did some yard work like picking up tree branch debris and dog poo. It was nice being out. Tomorrow it is suppose to be 76, then real strong thunder storms in the late afternoon and evening. I had a great day...
  5. lmj1954

    What's the last thing you ate - 2016

    Crock pot pork roast with red potatoes, onions and carrots, was yum!
  6. lmj1954

    My 4 days off-NOT!

    I worked 9 straight days to get my 4 days off. Friday went pretty well, I relaxed and caught up on my shows (The Bachelor and Downton Abbey). So that was nice. But Saturday and Sunday me and hubby spent at our rental house getting it cleaned up for our new tenant moving in this Friday.  We...
  7. lmj1954

    Teeth cleaning and anesthesia

    Wow! $500 I imagine the most expensive part of the entire procedure is the   anesthesia. I am saving like crazy to to survive in retirement in a year and trying to get everything paid off, I feel bad I can`t afford  teeth cleaning for my 3 cats and 2 dogs, I spend the $$ on premium food and...
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    Oh, and get this, suppose to be 6 degrees tonight.....and on Thursday 56....but that is Nebraska for you! 
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    I did the same, plenty of peanuts for the squirrels, filled up the bird feeders and put out more suet, and made sure the bird bath was full (it has a heater) ....I too worry about all the animals trying to get by, at least feeding them gives them the energy to expend trying to stay warm.  
  10. lmj1954


    We have a arctic blast as well, frigid. I told my husband last night I feel for that stray cat and wonder if it can survive, especially if it was ever accustomed to living in a house. Last weekend we made the double tote insulated with styrofoam  and plenty of straw, but I see no tell tale...
  11. lmj1954

    Kitty Quirks

    Freedom Belle had a sweet tooth. I discovered this the first time when I was eating a donut.  Faster than fast she swung her leg and a with her claw hooked that donut. From then on whenever she saw me eating a donut she went nutso. I always gave her a very tiny piece with frosting on it, not...
  12. Cat Fish- caption this

    Cat Fish- caption this

  13. lmj1954

    Has your cat ever bitten you?

    In my previous post recently I stated how Liberty Belle only love nips me, never bites. What did she do, read this thread?  When I go to bed at night it is our bonding time and she is always looking forward to it because she stays in my bedroom about 90% of the day and night, she does not join...
  14. lmj1954

    The food I feed

    I use to feed Royal Canin, it was a good quality food, but once it went to about $16 for a 3 LB bag I would not pay that. Then I became a paid demonstrater for Nutro Natural Choice and began feeding that. (I loved that fun job walking around talking to people about nutrition and setting up my...
  15. lmj1954

    Angel isn't doing well :(

    Thoughts are of you and Angel. You love Angel so much you have from beginning to end did the very best for Angel, you were 500% in it. Angel was a very lucky cat to be so loved and properly cared for by you, you were amazing. 
  16. lmj1954

    Stray cat...I am doing a new post here...

    Thanks tons, I am all over it, I called Tractor Supply and they said yes they have straw, I said not hay but straw, they said yes they sell 1/4 bales. You provided a great step bu step instruction guide, I appreciate that.
  17. lmj1954

    Cat acting out of the norm

    Thanks, I sent your reply on to her. That really would make sense about the static. Thanks, you provided a very good reply, thanks for taking the time to try to help her figure it out, 
  18. lmj1954

    Kitty Quirks

    Liberty Belle is 14 now, and every since she was 1 we have played a game, she knows the words that I say "I`m Gonna Get You!" She hunkers down and I lean down and give her some real good back scratches, and she crawls on the floor with her tummy, I give her more scratches and lightly slap each...
  19. lmj1954

    My dog, she is disgusting at times

    I have learned, that if Pearl my Pomeranian is coming upstairs that prior to that I had better put up the cat food out of her reach, and had better scoop the feces out of the litterboxes, as she loves "Tootsie Rolls" like some dogs do. Besides the ick of the situation I was concerned the...
  20. lmj1954

    Has your cat ever bitten you?

    Liberty Belle bites me, but not out of spite, I am petting her and talking to her and she purrs and gives me love nips, but sometimes it hurts if she gets too into it then her nip is harder. Mya, she is one that will bite me out of spite just because I wanted to get up and she on my lap, or...