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  1. MrHandsomesMama

    Contest Share A Spooky Cat-related Anecdote To Win!

    Entry: Perhaps not spooky but very weird and still unexplained. When I was about 12 I had brought home a strat cat who we found out was pregnant, and while we were slowly intoducing her to our other cat we kept her in a spare bedroom at night so they wouldn't fight. One morning I went into...
  2. MrHandsomesMama

    Contest Share A Spooky Cat-related Anecdote To Win!

    Holy caca that would have me calling 911 right then and praying I wasn’t about to be horribly murdered
  3. MrHandsomesMama

    Contest Share A Spooky Cat-related Anecdote To Win!

    I have had similar experiences as well, only with mine I determined it was no cat ghost following me everywhere. Very spooky!
  4. MrHandsomesMama

    Contest Share A Spooky Cat-related Anecdote To Win!

    I don’t think you are crazy, and I am very sorry for the pain you have suffered! I know where you are coming from, I have a background with being abused and also with feeling/seeing/knowing things I shouldn’t be able to feel/see/know. Us sensies gotta stick together!
  5. MrHandsomesMama


    Hahaha, I am the same. I always whisper it, even though I know the Lucky can still hear, if she were listening.
  6. MrHandsomesMama

    Conversations With Cats

    I was in my room, door shut, getting into bed when I heard a squeak like Emmett's toy mice. I looked to him staring out the window and said "did you hear that? It sounded like one of your toys..." he turns to me and I hear my mom in the hall say "that's because it was." Neither of us...
  7. MrHandsomesMama

    The Smartest Thing Your Cat Has Ever Done?

    I know there are smarter things Emmett has done, but all I can think of at the moment is that he knows how to open doors, and knows even on doors with knobs that that's what you grab to open the door. When we have to lock him in a room for even a minute he starta reaching for or jiggling the...
  8. MrHandsomesMama

    How Does Your Cat Take Care Of You?

    Right now I am going through withdrawals from pain meds I take for chronic pain from endometriosis, so that I can start safer medication. All the while Emmett has been like the dog, Nana from the animated Peter Pan. He is watching me and won't let me out of his site except for the bathroom or...
  9. MrHandsomesMama

    Tender moments

    That is so amazing! I hope I can make as big of an impact to homeless (or formerly homeless) animals someday!
  10. MrHandsomesMama

    Contest October Picture Of The Month: Cats Greeting

    Mom's face is edited out for her privacy. A side note: he sometimes seems almost like he poses for pictures, but most of the time if a camera or phone is pointed at him he immediately stops doing whatever cute things prompted the bringing out of a camera in the first place.
  11. MrHandsomesMama

    Contest October Picture Of The Month: Cats Greeting

    Official entry: Emmett greeting my mom after a long day at work! Just because its cute: Emmett waiting for my mom to walk up at the window to our front stoop in our old apartment
  12. MrHandsomesMama

    New Foster Not Eating Or Using Litter Box!

    That's such amazing news! I am very relieved to see it all worked out!
  13. MrHandsomesMama

    Tender moments

    I love these pics! And your daughter's apartment!
  14. MrHandsomesMama

    Tender moments

    Runty Stumpy, who is so unfreshing-believably adorable!
  15. MrHandsomesMama

    Tender moments

    In selfie mode! And also... cuddle mode...
  16. MrHandsomesMama

    Cats In Boxes!

    Aha! So it is! Thanks :winkcat:
  17. MrHandsomesMama

    Cats In Boxes!

    Not actually boxes, I know, but somehow I don't have any pictures of Emmett in his . As you can see he really like bags, too!
  18. MrHandsomesMama

    Important Vote For Your 20 Favourite Cats In Black And White Photos! P O M Sept 2018

    Congratulations to @Korinmewmew! And to everyone really! We all have such beautiful cats which makes us all winners, in my book. And I want to thank the people who voted for Emmett! Being so new here, I didn't expect any votes, and just posted for the fun of being involved. I am so thankful for...
  19. MrHandsomesMama

    Contest September 2018 P.o.m. - Cat Photos In Black And White

    @1CatOverTheLine the pulls are "crystal" I didn't realize they looked like they were missing, a result of my attempt to make the photo more artsy fartsy. Thankfully Emmett only messes with drawers that are already open. On the other hand, my mom's cat will open any drawer she can find, take out...
  20. MrHandsomesMama

    Show Us The Whiskers

    I still do this, I thought I was the only weirdo out there who did that