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  1. shandazzle

    watery eyes

    i have a seal point cat shes around 9 years old lately she has been having watery eyes their not anything like a upper respritory infection. is this typical for a siamese breed? maybe allergies? its both eyes not just one also.
  2. shandazzle

    My bengal is how many days??

    cant wait to see the new arrivals
  3. shandazzle

    jealous female cat?? or something else

    6 weeks. i tried the scoopable and yay no kittens eating it this time. yes we have another box for the other cats but momma likes her set up shes spoiled now lol
  4. shandazzle

    Rowan hasn't pooped in 4 days!

    my vet suggested a little bit of hairball remedy paste on ur finger its full of fiber  
  5. shandazzle

    jealous female cat?? or something else

    do you think its ok to switch back to the clumping litter since they are older now? i had a problem with them eating it a while back
  6. shandazzle

    jealous female cat?? or something else

    the babies poos are normal but mom uses the litter box too, i think its more of the paper litter soaking up pee. was thinking of using a oatmeal shampoo and blow dry them afterwards?
  7. shandazzle

    jealous female cat?? or something else

    they are stinky from being in and out of litter box i have been using the paper litter but it doesnt seem to be helping for odor issues i clean out the poo everyday and have to change the whole box every two days
  8. shandazzle

    jealous female cat?? or something else

    when can i give the lil ones and mom a bath they are eating hard food but shes still nursing
  9. shandazzle

    jealous female cat?? or something else

    she will hiss and growl and then run away. i thought her being a female she would like them guess i was wrong. the boys adore them they look after them and play pretty strange.
  10. shandazzle

    jealous female cat?? or something else

    the kittens are almost 7 weeks now so i let them out of room to explore and play. i have a 13yr old neutered male cat that just adores the babies and so does dad which is neutered  now even my little dog loves the kittens. problem is i have a 10 yr old siamese who is spayed and she hisses and...
  11. shandazzle

    tequila and her kittems!

    what cuties enjoy them they grow fast!  
  12. shandazzle

    Kittens are 5 weeks old today and show no signs of weaning

    mine are 6 weeks and eat hard food and mom still nurses them lol she loves being a mommy  
  13. shandazzle

    first time here :)

    picture update only two would cooperate they are all over the place
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  16. shandazzle

    fleas fleas fleas!!

    what cuties!!! the ginger looks like my old man cat
  17. shandazzle

    first time here :)

    thanks! thats a great idea.
  18. shandazzle

    first time here :)

    so i found the michigan humane society here in the US has a low cost program but they will only do 3 cats per household.  
  19. shandazzle

    mumma cat possible issues

    yea thats how i ended up with babies. rescued two kittens one went to a friend and i took the other thought it was a girl turned out a boy now my only intact female has babies.  but he has been neutered now so no more babies.