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  1. iPappy

    Senior Cat Has Fleas

    Hi, How many fleas are you seeing on him? Are you flea combing him, or are you seeing fleas on him without using a comb?
  2. iPappy

    Cat nose bridge issue

    You are handling this ringworm situation very well! I'm hopeful the vet has some answers for you via the culture :) FWIW, I work in pet boarding and Rescue cleaner is what we use for cleaning and disinfecting. We have had no outbreaks of anything communicable, so I think you made a great choice!
  3. iPappy

    Cat nose bridge issue

    OK, its good that the skin doesn't look irritated :) I would continue washing the area gently to keep it clean and wait for those results. I'd love to know what the vet says about this. Just out of curiosity, does he go outside, or does he stay inside and seek out sunbeams to nap in?
  4. iPappy

    I cant find my new kitten.

    Being anxious when you can't find a brand new scared tiny kitten IS a reason, I am so glad you found him :) Could you take something like a small board and block off access to that area for now until he's older?
  5. iPappy

    Cat nose bridge issue

    Hi! Does all the brown color come off if you clean it, or does some remain behind? Can you see if the skin under the hair is red or irritated?
  6. iPappy

    Incredibly Distraught and Regretting Giving Kitten Away

    I agree. If I had gotten attached to a kitten (and who couldn't get attached?) I would find it very hard to give them back unless the kitten was not adjusting. But then again, if I couldn't bear to part with them I would at least find a friend in the foster home who got them to me and would...
  7. iPappy

    Comment by 'iPappy' in media 'VID_20230921_183913160.mp4'

    Very helpful and informative @Alldara !
  8. iPappy

    HOW to cut cat's nails?

    With my cats, I have them in my lap, on their backs, and trim that way but with your girl that would not be a good idea. When I have a cat nail trim at work, I have found that the least amount of restraint actually works best. When you walk into the room and she wakes up, if you just pet her...
  9. iPappy

    Question of the Day, Friday September 22, 2023

    1) Either over the stove handle, or (usually) wadded up and tossed on the countertop :lol: 2) Dish rag. I like that they're easy to launder and re-use.
  10. iPappy

    Get Well Heatherwillard❤️

    We miss you Heather!!! ❤ 🙏
  11. iPappy

    Well wishes for Strider Rose

    This is such wonderful news!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to read this! :happycat:
  12. iPappy

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    That sounds like something my Mom and I would do and laugh about! :lol: I love my insulated cup. It's very tall, and I can fill it up in the morning and work on it all day. You could also suggest adding things like ice and a bit of lemon, lime, or even orange. That is so refreshing and has...
  13. iPappy

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    There is a large clinic nearby and I have heard similar complaints from my customers about the receptionists. One customer even called out an incredibly rude receptionist in the waiting room when the vet was standing right there. Unfortunately the vet could do nothing as they don't own the...
  14. iPappy

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    I have an insulated cup with a straw I keep with me almost all the time. It helps me remember to drink more water when it's not hot out. Would something like that help that she could keep with her?
  15. iPappy

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, September 20, 2023

    ANY commercial, new or old, for Christmas was so great growing up in the 80s. Ronald McDonald kept a kid from running away, the bee on the Cheerio's box made Ebeneezer Scrooge nice again, and Fred and Barney from the Flintstones learned how to share Fruity Pebbles on Christmas. Those...
  16. iPappy

    Incredibly Distraught and Regretting Giving Kitten Away

    Yes, I agree, just explain to them life stuff has happened and now that you're back with the ability to use your devices, you were curious how he is doing. I promise you, most of the time adopters feel like sending photos and updates is being "annoying." Open that door. If the door is stuck...
  17. iPappy

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    She's ridiculous. :lol:
  18. iPappy

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    Better to keep him under close observation, than come home and need emergency assistance overnight. My Grandma had a procedure done once, and we were calling an ambulance as a precaution at 1:30 in the morning. @maggiedemi :hugs:
  19. iPappy

    Cat Mats

    I have four of these, and just realized I have no idea where they are. But my cats and dogs always have loved them. Now, I need to figure out where they are and dig them out! (Also, to dry, just lay them out flat while damp on a smooth surface and let them air dry. I used to put a towel on...
  20. iPappy

    Well wishes for Strider Rose

    I still feel like it took awhile for this problem to manifest, and therefore, will take awhile for it to reverse. @strider rose Now, I must go get some cheese cake! :yummy: