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  1. nurseangel

    Featured Vote for your 10 favourite Yogi Cats! Picture of the Month Sept 2023

    Looking through these pictures puts a big smile on my face. No matter who wins, this is great comp! :clap:
  2. nurseangel

    Featured Keeping (semi) outdoor cats warm in winter

    Hi, welcome to TCS! Your cat space is gorgeous. Bless you and your DH for taking in cats. We have some heated cat blankets for our one spoiled cat (Oscar) who thinks being brought inside is torture and our feral, Big Red. Big Red was the first cat I caught when we had two cats with kittens...
  3. nurseangel

    What "gifts" have your indoor-only cats brought you?

    @maggie101 I love the exchanges in the pictures. "Oh, look! A fly on the wall!" And then, "I can't reach it, can you? What do we do now?" @Norachan Remember when you thought the raccoon was some lovely Japanese creature? I have to run them off almost every time DH goes to his car at night...
  4. nurseangel

    Question of the Day, Friday September 22, 2023

    I keep my dishtowels stacked in the corner next to the sink. It's a pretty deep area so you can't really see them. The dishwasher does most of the dishes, except for my wood salad bowls. They are loving washed and cleaned with a dishcloth or paper towel. It's a process. They are lovingly...
  5. nurseangel

    Featured Vote for your 10 favourite Yogi Cats! Picture of the Month Sept 2023

    Word on the street has it that Sundar's mum is a yoga guru. ;)
  6. nurseangel

    My cat was killed by 4 large dogs

    I grieve with you. This breaks my heart. :hugs:
  7. nurseangel

    Question of the Day - Thursday September 21, 2023

    I was just thinking about this today. If I could travel back to the 80s, I would want to see Journey. My cousins went to see them last year and they said the new lead singer is phenomenal. I just regret not seeing them then, when I was going to a lot of concerts.
  8. nurseangel

    October 2023 book of the month club - 4 year anniversary / final month – Choose Your Own from “100 Books Everyone Should Read” list

    Perhaps. :paperbag: So many great novels on this list. Of course, I would have to read Stephen King for this one. He is my favorite author! :clap:
  9. nurseangel


    @Winchester you are amazing! I have never tried homemade ketchup before, but my friend and I went to a "farm to table" restaurant. They told us we couldn't order fries because tomatoes were out of season, so they couldn't make any homemade ketchup. Of course, then all I could think about was...
  10. nurseangel

    Cat recently diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis & feeding tube issues

    @xxbuggyxx I agree with you 100% on taking him to the primary vet, especially since you feel pressured by the ER to do tests that you can't afford. I have never had a cat with a fatty liver disorder and just read up on it. I would recommend writing down questions for your vet, such as which...
  11. nurseangel

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, September 20, 2023

    As a younger child, I liked the cowboy that was hankering for a hunk of cheese. As a teenager, the rich men who were all about the mustard. "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" The one always says, "But of course!" Then, in the last of the commercials, he flat out lies and tells him no.
  12. nurseangel

    Question of the Day - Monday, September 18, 2023

    No. I can barely remember my own birthday. I will call my brother to wish him a happy birthday and text my friend.
  13. nurseangel

    Picture of the Month Competition: September 2023 - Yogi Cats

    @tabbytom that @mani is a tough one. :lol: When it comes time to vote, we will have eighty gorgeous cats to choose from and she will only allow us each two votes. Two votes! :crackup: Just kidding, @mani. Please don't punish me either! :fear:
  14. nurseangel

    Enlarged Kidney in Previously Healthy Two-Year-Old?

    Thank goodness things seem to be improving! :hugs: I wanted to tell you how much I really appreciate you posting this thread. I ordered a gorgeous clematis plant, which climbed the carriage light and was in full bloom. This was when the two strays had their litters at our home. To my...
  15. nurseangel

    Which Three Movies Have the Best Soundtracks?

    OMG! Stop the fort! I forgot about Willy Wonder and the Chocolate Factory! Who could forget Gene Wilder's beautiful, off-key rendition of Pure Imagination? :doh: What is really wrong with me? Hypothetical question. No need to delve into all that. :lol:
  16. nurseangel

    Picture of the Month Competition: September 2023 - Yogi Cats

    Bree has some sort of back deformity. She has the back of a Dachshund. We were worried about it when she was a kitten, because her back is so straight. As an adult she bends her back in the oddest ways, say when she is rounding a corner. So, a laid-back feline crescent moon would be a great...
  17. nurseangel

    Which Three Movies Have the Best Soundtracks?

    The Wall An Officer and a Gentleman Top Gun (I'd like to second Pretty in Pink, but you did say three, right? :lol:) Oh, and Titanic, but the actual movie makes me cry buckets. :bawling:
  18. nurseangel

    September 2023 Book of the Month Club - Choose Your Own – Favorite Childhood Books Edition

    What book did you read? Secrets of the Shopping Mall Why did you choose it? It was more for adolescents, but since I was young, I have been fascinated with the concept of living in a mall. Had you read it before? More times than I can count. Did you buy the book or was it given to you...
  19. nurseangel

    BTW Its national cheese burger day!

    And we're having fish! :sniffle:
  20. nurseangel

    Orange and White cat

    Aw, sweet! He is adorable! I think he is a DSH or a DLH. Very pretty kitty.