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    Does anyone have dogs?

    I had a Moyen poodle, still have a Maltese. Both were getting older. Maltese will be 14 next month, poodle was 13, went to the Bridge this summer. Got cat because I couldn’t stand the thought of being petless when the dogs were gone. Poodle and cat were best buds. Played, chased around the...
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    Self checkouts, Yay or Nay?

    I’ll stand in line for as long as it takes for the clerk to check me out. I was in Walmart. One night had exactly one item dude stood there and watched me like I was gonna steal it. I didn’t even put it in a bag grabbed the receipt and left. I run into trouble when I buy produce I just don’t...
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    Robotic Litter Boxes

    Daughter has one for her two cats. Both she and they like it. She says it helps stop litter from getting tracked out. Her vet, who also has cats, recommends it.
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    Is this strange

    I had to put my husbands dog down this summer. I still have a hard time looking at “his” corner of the couch. Not doing that last potty call. Not putting his food out. It’s not weird to grieve your way. There’s a hole in your heart, and it does get better, but on YOUR schedule.
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    Went to two of his concerts up north daughter got his autograph when she was around 12 she’s a parakeet or was. He was a good guy.
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    You know you're old when....

    Was in the grocery store on my daughters birthday cashier asked me how are you doing? I said oh I’m feeling old oh I said yeah today is my daughter’s birthday. She’s 51 I feel decrepit.
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    Do you vaccinate an indoor cat?

    I questioned my vet about this too. Cat is indoor only. Here, it’s required for rabies. He gets whatever other shots she thinks he needs. My dogs go out in the yard to potty, hard telling what could be on their feet. A possum has been hanging out there the past 2 nights. Afraid to let my 8#...
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    Cats doing Cat things

    Get the lizzard
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    Wet food and roaches

    Also in Florida. Can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve woken up to find one or two half eaten bugs around. He actually stays in the kitchen waiting for them, then patrols the house hunting for them. Not much you can do, might try some roach bait in a cabinet the cats can’t get into.
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    just a curiousity : where are all our members and staff from ?

    Originally Ohio, been in Florida almost 40 years, too snowy and cold to move back.
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    Any Suggestions for a Top-Notch Chaser?

    I bought a cheap fishing rod and reel on Amazon. Took the reel off, tied a bunch of ribbons on the end. Works well, he knows where it’s kept, yells at me to get it out.
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    Would like to use the front door again

    I’m in a wheelchair most of the time I’m also a smoker. It’s difficult for me to go outside to smoke, I’d rather if I could. So I sit in front of the slider screen door. Dogs are in and out, cat likes to watch them and smell the smells. Was afraid he’d try to run. So have a cane hanging over a...
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    Do you know what to call your "cousins"?

    And then there is “kissing cousins”. Who may, or may not be real cousins, but you like them, and will kiss them anyway. 😂😂😂
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    Is catnip safe

    Had an outside cat who rolled in it in my garden. It’s in the mint family, think peppermint or spearmint. Can also be used to make tea for yourself and won’t make you goofy. My cat doesn’t react to it.
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Tried to post pic, got double pic, again. Don’t know why, only happens here. So deleted it.
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    Nightmare getting my cat into carrier

    The first time he had to go to vet, dummy me used my soft sided dog carrier. BIG mistake what a struggle. Next time I borrowed daughters carrier. She left a towel in it with her cat’s scent in it. I put it in the living room, open. Both dogs, and cat had to investigate. It sat there for a week...
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    Bravecto question

    My 2 dogs get a flea prevention pill monthly. They are in and out all day. The cat has never been treated, never had fleas. Never ever goes outside. Fleas are a year round problem here in Florida.