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    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    Hi Kwik, Your Graycie reminds me a lot of my Bob (the) Cat. He was a random stray listed as domestic shorthair but looks very much the similar. Bob who just turned one year old, unlike your Graycie is quite bold, he likes to howl when he really wants something.
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Bigfoot (tuxedo) and Bob
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    Question of the Day, Saturday, April 29

    That's the pickiest eater I know
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    Ghost stripes or tabby

    Looks a lot like Bob, he had what looked like tabby markings when he was a small kitten. The other pictures are him at around 9 months and those markings are gone. Apart from some slightly dark stripes on his tail.
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    Black Cats Only

    Bigfoot, not 100% black but close enough?
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    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    George, 99% house cat apart from when he'd escape, circle the house and scream to get back inside.
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    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Where else would he take his toys to mudder them 😅
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    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Bob enjoys his tree time.
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    The pic that had you adopt

    Bob was a foster that I tried out with my older cat to see how they'd do, they did and do very well together. This is one of the earliest pictures I'd taken of him at about 5 weeks old.
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    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    8 month old, 9lb Bob The Cat in his cat tree, surveying all that he owns.
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    Show me your eyes

    Bob (the) cat at about 5/6 months old.
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    How can you tell when your cat is relaxed?--Post your pictures here

    Bob after a long day of murdering his toys.
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    Tuxedo Cats ;)

    Bigfoot, polydactyl
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    Bob (the) Cat

    Very playful, very sweet to me at least. Extremely hostile to strangers 😅
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    Bob (the) Cat

    Bob the Cat, now 5 months old and getting very big. I wonder what he's mixed with. Tempted to do a cat DNA test.
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    New Kitten - Bob

    A new addition three months ago is a small grey kitten I got at about a month old. He's now four months old and turned into my shadow. Really nice, sharp kitten and likes to play fetch.
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Mostly sleeping cats, some have since taken a permanent cat nap.
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    Purchasing a Maine Coon - your suggestions?

    I don't have any advice, very pretty cat. I've always wanted a Maine Coon or another Siamese. I hope everything works out well.