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    Game - Name Something Near You

    My laptop charger.  Name something near you that you do not use.
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    Game - I've done this; have you?

    Nope. Ever gone on a solo trip overseas? 
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    The -Would You Ever - Game :)

    No. I think it would be nicer to ask them about it in private afterwards. Would you ever spend all your savings to go travelling around the world? 
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    What's the last thing you ate - 2017

    strawberry shortcake
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    What's for dinner? - 2017

    Free buffet in school for an event!
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    Which Smiley Describes How You Are Feeling Today? - 2017

      when I think too much and decide I don't want to face the world anymore HAHA
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    Hi everyone!!  I'm new to the forum but I'm excited to explore as I am thinking of getting a cat in future but can't decide which breed and also need to understand the responsibilities of owning a pet! Hope to gain more understanding from this forum~