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    My kitty needs urgent help, but I have no money.

    So what do you suggest a vet do when he can't recoop costs from owners who could never afford the bills they accumulated and now will not pay? Lay off employees? Raise prices and charge the people who can afford to take care of their animals more? Shut down? And you think it's fair for a vet...
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    My kitty needs urgent help, but I have no money.

    It really depends on where you live. Where I am from, $170 isn't super expensive for an x-ray, especially since they probably had to sedate her to do it.
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    My kitty needs urgent help, but I have no money.

    You really need to think about a bigger picture. If your vet gives away his/her services to everybody, how can they afford to stay in business? Who is going to pay the bills? Who will pay the vet techs and secretaries they employ? Who will buy expensive diagnostic equipment and pay to run...
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    How many is too many?

    I would sort of disagree with some and say it isn't all about keeping them healthy. It's stressful for cats to live in too crowded an environment. Everybody needs their space and the more animals you bring in, the more stressful it gets for many cats. Yeah, lots of cats like a companion but...
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    Pet Fountain

    I have the fountain you posted. My cats love it. Hair does get clogged in the pump every now and again and I have to clean it out though.
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    Cat insurance in NYC?

    I think it is very cost effective if you only have 1 or maybe 2 pets. After that it gets pretty pricey. The only downside I have noticed from others about pet insurance, is you have to be reimbursed because the vet won't bill the provider.
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    What is your favorite body wash/shower gel?

    Coconut Lime Verbena
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    Bailey - All cats deserve a chance at life

    You can't keep him seperate until the ringworm is gone? Give him the oral meds. They work better. If the choice is to possibly get sick on oral meds or surely die, which is the better option? Or like others have said, just adopt him and rehome him yourself. The no shipping policy your...
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    There Are Mice/Rats In My Wall!!!!!!!

    We had mice in the walls at the last house we owned. Honestly we never did anything about it. They never bothered anything. Occasionally we would hear them but that was about it. If one dies, it might get stinky for a couple weeks but it'll go away.
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    How old?

    I'm turning 27 January 3rd.
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    I'm at an inpass...

    How about having a garage sale or selling them on e-bay? Give yourself a set number to sell and make sure you do it.
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    What is it called?....

    I always thought it was your golden birthday.
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    Tell me I can't get a puppy!!!!

    Please do not buy a puppy from a petstore. It's also best to stay away from Back Yard Breeders. These are people who own pet dogs and breed them either on purpose or accidentally to make some extra money or just as a fun hobby. If you buy from somebody who does not require spay/neuter...
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    Question about dogs and snow.

    She will let you know when she is too cold. It may never happen though. She's made for snow!
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    Midnight Shift- Kicking my butt.

    I've worked night shift for the past 2 and a half years and still have a little trouble sleeping during the day. The only reason I can do it fairly easily is because we work 3 twelve hour shifts. I can sleep at night the other 4 days of the week. The best thing that has helped me is buying...
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    How Many Babies??

    We have 3 cats Sheridan - 8 or 9 year old black and white Maine Coon mix Emma - 2 or 3 year old Grey Tabby Kitt - 1 year old black medium hair
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    Food help, complicated situation

    Well, Sheridan hasn't eaten since Sunday night and hasn't gone to the bathroom since then either I don't think. My regular vet doesn't open til noon today. I don't want to take him to the emergency vet but I might have to because this is looking serious. He threw up 3 or 4 times yesterday and...
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    Please look at this spay incision

    My vet does it laterally as well. It is a much faster healing time. In future, I would look for a vet that does it this way.
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    Food help, complicated situation

    California Natural, Wellness, Merrick (many varieties of it), Felidae and Innova Evo now. She never even tastes them. I've tried warming them up just a little bit to make the smell stronger but still nothing. The only canned food she'll eat is canned tuna! I could try some of the crappier...
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    Food help, complicated situation

    Really? I just worry that one of them will eat it all and then Emma won't get any. She's the only one that would rely soley on the dry food so it's rather important she gets enough. If Emma would eat canned food, it would make things easier. We could eliminate dry altogether.