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    New Among You

    Hi Lily unfortunately i don't have pictures of my siamese Silvestro, i was very small and i didn't have a camera. The colony i manage is composed of 8 cats, of various ages. :wave3:
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    Show Those Haunches

    Lots of pretty thighs to chew on :lovecat3:
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    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

    Hurray for the wonderful black cats :heartshape:
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    · Unique Fur Patterns ·

    Wooow spectacular cats :thumbsup:
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    New Among You

    Thanks for the welcome :wave3:
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    Comment by 'Andrealuce' in article 'The Roman Cat Colony Of Torre Argentina'

    I am from Rome and i know this wonderful feline colony very well. ;):wave3:
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    Savannah F4 Rescue Kitty

    Very nice your savannah, and also the gesture you made, how is it of character?
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    Just Lounging

    Woow your persian is wonderful :wave3:
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    New Among You

    Hi everyone i am Andrea from Rome, i have always loved all the animals, as a child i had a fantastic Siamese. Now i'm a cat sitter and i manage a feline colony. :)