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  1. tangers40

    Things Your Cats Love To Play With That Cost Nothing

    The packing paper from her Chewy orders (seriously, I am going to ask Chewy if they will include extra paper in her next order, she loves it so much) Plastic shopping bags Crumpled-up receipts
  2. tangers40

    How Do You Keep Cats Off Your Counters?

    I made a deal with Cheese....I don't care about you on the counters, as long as you don't do it when we have company over, or get on the dining table while I am eating. Seems to be working :) Also, one of her favorite places to go is on top of my cupboards. She has a pathway up there via...
  3. tangers40

    Birthday Offers

    I also have an August birthday, so my birthday freebies are starting to roll in as well. So far I've gotten the free Red Robin Burger (we combine it with my mom's free birthday burger there and 3 of us eat for the price of 1) and free entree at Qdoba x2 (one for birthday and one for yearly...
  4. tangers40

    Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray

    I found that for my cord-chewing cat, it worked well when it was still wet, but once it dried, she would chew again. It smells like rubbing alcohol when fresh, so I think that may be what she reacted to. However, once that volatile alcohol dissapated, it didn't faze her a bit.
  5. tangers40

    Cat Dunking All Of His Toys In Water

    Nope, Cheese doesn't know anything about toy dunking. However, she hasn't done this in a long time. She's apparently grown out of this phase.
  6. tangers40

    Post Your Best "groaner" Joke

    What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhinocerous? Elephino!
  7. tangers40

    Question Of The Day, Sunday, 3/31/19

    For indoor flowers, I grow orchids, so I am obviously partial to them. My favorite orchid is a blue (Norton-line) Phalaenopsis violacea var. indigo. I bought three of them years ago from the Nortons, unbloomed, so I didn't know which color they were going to be. I have 2 blue ones, and the...
  8. tangers40

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 28 March

    Colorado, USA here as well! And I think I have to disagree about it being only the SECOND best state....... :D
  9. tangers40

    Post Your Best "groaner" Joke

    Two guys walk into a bar. The third one ducks.
  10. tangers40

    Problem With E-tube, Please Help!

    It doesn't look to me like the smaller green piece is luer-locked onto anything there, so it may just pull off. I can see the luer-lock threads where the larger green piece is attached to the tube, but nothing up above. If it does just pull off, perhaps it had some food or something dry onto...
  11. tangers40

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 21st March

    Nope, I haven't had a landline in somewhere around 10 years. Finally convinced my folks to drop theirs several years ago as well. Now working on trying to convince my uncle...
  12. tangers40

    Noticing Frisco Cat Litter Is Way Dustier Than Previously Thought...

    In my experience, I have found Dr. Elsey's to be dustier than Frisco, especially this bag I am using right now. I actually see dust clouds when I scoop with this bag, it's awful. Once this is gone, I was going to go back to Frisco. I think the real problem is that the quality and dustiness...
  13. tangers40

    Question Of The Day - Monday, March 18, 2019

    Supposed to get up into the 60s in the next few days to a week here. My crocus came up about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but have been snowed on and buried at least 3 times since then. They look a little beat up but there are still a couple blossoms left. Daffodils are growing like crazy, and might be...
  14. tangers40

    Claw Inflammation Build Up

    I suspect something fungal as well with the smell you are describing. Did any of your vets suggest this as a possibility?
  15. tangers40

    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2019

    We had an actual blizzard here today. 30-60 mph winds (sustained, not gusts) since sometime last night. I don't even know how much snow we got because it is all blown around, but I have a drift in front of my garage door higher than my knees, and several neighbors are worse than that. Huge...
  16. tangers40

    In The Midst Of A Sad Day (too Many Are)...

    Yes, just like my cat. She LOVES mylar crinkly balls, but immediately bats them under some piece of furniture. So I found a much bigger ball (same material) and thought to myself "this is brilliant, it's too big to fit under the furniture!" Think she'll play with the big one? Absolutely not...
  17. tangers40

    American Journey Cat Food Deal

    I believe they have this deal all the time for first-time buyers of the brand. I know I got BOGO when I bought the first cases of AJ wet food.
  18. tangers40

    Girl Scout You Buy?

    Hanging my head in shame...not only have I already purched my yearly allotment of cookies, but I've eaten them already too. Sigh. Now I want some more. Fortunately, the troop did not have their table set up at the grocery store when I was there this afternoon.
  19. tangers40

    Picture, Picture

    I have a pretty good smartphone camera (Note 8) for unimportant and spur of the moment shots, and a good DSLR (Canon 60D) for important stuff, vacations, and things that I think I might be able to take a decent picture of (ha!). I am nowhere near being a photographer, but I occasionally luck...
  20. tangers40

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 28 Feb

    Dark-ish blue. Color is called "In the Midnight Hour". My garage door was supposed to be that color as well, but ended up the same color as the house. I will be painting the garage door later this year, assuming I can find a job and don't end up having to sell it in the next few months.