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    Stress busting engaging toys

    I have a spare bedroom which I have turned into a room for 2 of my cats and my 4 foster cats. They have bedding, litter boxes, furniture, toys and feeding stations in there. They have free run of the place while I work and after my meals are prepared and eaten until bedtime. I turn on an auto...
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    Comment by 'kitty416' in article 'When To Spay Or Neuter A Cat?'

    Tiger is my 10 month old male kitten(?) cat (?). He is being aggressive to one of my older female cats, Kona(5 years old), by chasing her away when she approaches me for attention. He began this behavior around 3 months ago. Kona has become increasingly intimidated by him and is hesitant to let...
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    What’s Wrong With My Cat?! :’(

    I hope your Kitty will be well soon. I will say a prayer for her and pray God strengthens you during this. Keep us posted. It is wonderful to share our space and life with a cat.
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    Comment by 'kitty416' in article 'How Long Can You Leave Your Cat Alone For?'

    I leave lights on for my Sona and Kona every time. Does anyone else do that?
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    Comment by 'kitty416' in article 'What's The Largest Cat Litter Box (and Why Your Cat Needs It)'

    I had a big chuckle over the description you gave of your Sinbad using the litter box, thanks I needed that. It reminds me of when Sona first came to live with me. I discovered half the cat litter in a pile outside the litter box and a foul odor. Sona still doesn't cover her treasure but a box...
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    Comment by 'kitty416' in article 'How To Best Take Care Of Cat Claws'

    I take my two girls Kona and Sona to the vet's groomer every 5 to 6 weeks. I tried it trimming them myself but it was too stressful for us. I am going to get into the habit of touching their paws more while brushing them and see where that leads. Thanks for the tip. This article helped me feel...