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    Help please! New(ish) cat behaviour problems.

    Please separate the youngster to his own room, cat box, bowls, etc. Give him time to acclimate to his own room. Let him earn the priviledge of exploring the rest of the house and give the older gal some peace. Amen
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    20+ year old cat with health issues- please help!!

    Because of the anorexia (lack of hunger) please take her to an oncologist
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    Comment by 'mopseys 1st toy' in article 'Health Concerns In Aging Cats'

    Have two 14 yr. old sisters with lymphoma. One of them refuses her prednisone chewy (smashed into a wet cat food ball). I`ve tried smashing it on her fur, aqueous prednisone, and shooting a pill with a pill gun. That latter is the method I`m using now. It takes between 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get...
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    What are you reading? The Sequel.

    Last finished: NOT AS BRIEFED by Maj. Greenfield.  Poorly written, but gripping. You may forget many things in life, but if you forget having survived a manhunt, it`s Al`s heimmer for sure.