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    Outdoor to indoor cat

    Thanks for your info, much appreciated. You are so right about my feeling bad. She's been with me about 6 months so I guess I have to be patient. I have to laugh about the your blinds. I finally just pulled my blinds up to keep Jasmine from destroying them. You are also right about it...
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    Outdoor to indoor cat

    I adopted a 3 year old reverse tuxedo(moo cat) cat from a shelter. She has 3 cat castles and more toys (electronic and other) than FAO Schwartz.and several water fountains. While she will play very enthusiastically with these items, she spends a large amount of time at my window trying to get...
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    Good 'reward' treats?

    My vet likes greenies and so does my cat. Jasmine. Looking at the ingredients I can't see anything really special and the label seems to imply that it is the hard texture that is good for the cat's teeth. I bought another brand with essentially the same ingredients(actually more protein and...
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    Comment by 'Rich K' in article 'Playing With Your Cat: 10 Things You Need To Know'

    Not entirely sure what you mean by retractable. Just lifting the toy up to a higher place "retracts it". Years ago before I found commercial toys, I bought a long stick (maybe 1/2" wide 3ft. long from home Depot, tied a catnip mouse to a 3ft. thin elastic cord (from my local crafts/fabric...
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    Comment by 'Rich K' in article 'Feline Idiopathic Cystitis - How To Improve Your Cat's Quality Of Life'

    My new vet (cats only) suggests a wet food only diet. She also says no fish or beef flavor food. She says no wild cat ever hunted a steer and some cats have an allergy to beef. She also thinks that small scales can get into fish based food, not good for kitty.
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    Comment by 'Rich K' in article 'When To Spay Or Neuter A Cat?'

    I wish more emphasis would be put on spaying as a cancer preventative. I lost my best buddy to mammary cancer at age 10 in spite of surgery and chemotherapy. As a single indoor cat there was no chance of unwanted kittens so I thought why risk the operation. Dumbest mistake I ever made. I just...
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    Incontinence In Cats Stress??

    Help needed. We recently took in a stray cat. He is about 8 months old. We assume he has been neutered before he came to us. (actually he invited himself in) because one of his ears has been clipped. He has been checked by our vet and vaccinated. The vet said the cat (Hunter) was healthy. He is...