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  1. janet andrea

    Comment by 'janet andrea' in article 'How Often Should You Clean The Litter Box?'

    HEY, you who are flushing your litter! I know your plumbing will be ok or can be fixed. The health of any female homosapien and their unborn children is what you've FORGOTTEn. litter in the city sewer or in a septic system can spread toxoplasmosis and your neighbors suffer/die/ have...
  2. janet andrea

    Why Does Frontline and Advantage Not Work For Fleas Now?

    The fleas are winning everywhere!     1)Fleas have grown tolerance to the active ingredients in both Frontline and Advantage.  FOr drops try Advantage Multi, which is prescription,or Revolution.  2)  But foremost , you have to rid your house, bedding and garden (your shoes and socks can carry...