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  1. T

    Urinary Issues/ Prozac Suggested by Vet

    Hello, so my 4 year old girl cat has been having ongoing urinary issues for like 4 months. She’s been peeing in the litter box 24/7 in small increments, sometimes peeing blood, and crying out a lot as well as excessive grooming down there. I’ve taken her to the vet more times that I can count...
  2. Renne

    Amitriptyline - what to expect

    Hi, I'm sorry to say that I have no experience using antidepressants on cats, but I know about using them on humans. Unlike Prozac, Amitriptyline is a very old antidepressant with many side-effects (for humans) and tends to have a very strong sedative effect, to the point that people mostly...
  3. shadowsrescue

    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    Oh no. That looks just awful. I have had experience with both Prozac and Gabapentin. Prozac takes a good 6 weeks to work. At first the cat is often lethargic. I was so sad as my cat was not himself at all. After 6 weeks things were a bit better yet the Prozac kitty was very dumbed down...
  4. shadowsrescue

    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    My cat that was on Prozac, had blocked and had pu surgery before going on Prozac. Urinary retention is a little unknown side effect of most of the kitty calming prescription meds. He had been on it for about 3 months, when his pee clumps turned absolutely huge. He was only urinating once...
  5. A

    Urinary Issues/ Prozac Suggested by Vet

    What type of litter are you using? I had to use a litter that was not clay and not pine for my guy's flare ups to stop. Also what kind of litter boxes? Covered or uncovered? All grouped together or spread out? I don't think it was prozac but I did have an anti-anxiety medication that I could...
  6. K

    Urinary Issues/ Prozac Suggested by Vet

    I just wanted to chime in as I have a cat on Prozac. He came to me after spending about 6 months in a shelter. I was told he was around 8 to 9, according to the vet closer to mid-teens. He was having urinary issues and nothing seemed to help him. He also had a few other issues such as...
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    What time to give Prozac

    I am finally out of other options and am ready to start my cat on Prozac. My vet just wrote the prescription for once a day. Has anyone else received more specific instructions about what time of day? Or has anyone tried it at different times and found a time that worked best?
  8. sugarwookie

    Prozac? Is it safe?

    We've tried just about everything to get our older cat acclimated to the kitten, now 6 months old. It's just not working. The Vet recommended Prozac, so I'm just wondering if anyone can chime in on giving this to a cat for aggression.
  9. Buffster7

    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    Thanks so much for your response, @shadowsrescue. It's concerning that Prozac can cause urinary retention as that's been an issue with Finn with the FLUTD. I need to do some reading on that. I am hopeful that I can reintegrate them as they were getting along fine (well, as fine as these two ever...
  10. Buffster7

    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    Hi ladies! Does anyone have experience with using Prozac for their cat? We have had a couple incidents of redirected aggression from Finn and I have exhausted all conservative means. There has been a feral cat who's been frequenting my backyard quite a bit. Last week a neighbor's cat got into a...
  11. Buffster7

    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    How much does your guy on gabapentin weigh, @shadowsrescue ?
  12. shadowsrescue

    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    The Prozac takes a full 6 weeks to notice any change. I started noticing a change at about the 4 week mark. Yet that was on a cat who was spraying. My aggressive cat was only slightly dumbed down by prozac. My cat is on 75 mg Gaba 2x a day. He started on 50 but after 3 months we upped it to...
  13. C

    New Cat Continuously Fights Our Other Cats

    Just wanted to share an update so far. It's been a few days of him being strictly inside, both cats with their own space, and letting them use the common area at separate times and so far the problem cat has been much calmer. He's asked to go out a dozen times, but his anxiety seems to be...
  14. H

    Panther, new cat, with 2 older cats.

    I see lots of conflicting thoughts in the forum about Prozac and CBD. While the actual recommendation of either of those passes to the level of "medical advice," here's a summary of what I've seen. Many who have tried CBD oil have had very conflicting results. (Same as humans). Sometimes...
  15. K

    paxil experience??

    Oh interesting. I did not know that. We tried Prozac for my cat and he became constipated/didn’t pee for 24 hours. It may have been too high of a dose though.
  16. lanerich

    Fasting for Dental Surgery with IBD Grazer

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and has any tips or tricks they could share with me. I have an IBD cat who is on a special rabbit diet. He is very much a grazer and eats sporadically throughout the day and night. His IBD flares and he has vomiting if he goes a...
  17. C

    New Cat Continuously Fights Our Other Cats

    Not sure what to do here. We have a stray cat who adopted us back in December and we got him neutered immediately. He is close to a year old now and lives inside at night and goes out during the day to give our inside cats (and us) a break from him. He asks to go out so it's not like we kick...
  18. A

    Anyone with experience with Prozac for hyper cat?

    I have posted in another thread about my issues with a new very hyper cat (Bailey) that I adopted October 1. One of the most negative issues associated with her behavior that makes it impossible for me to go on without something to change this is her pursuit of one of my other cats (Josie) to...
  19. G

    My cat viciously attacked me...Extreme aggression. Any advice?

    What does of gabapentin do you give your cat?
  20. N

    Apoquel for cat

    Its so hard to get help for cats..One needs to get to what is causing this.. I did food panel, prednisone, prozac hydrolized protein diet.. I feel many of the meds is a temp solution if they work. Not really getting down to the real reason.. Sure cat can be on the meds for a while what happens...