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  1. StefanZ

    2.5 week old kittens - eyes leaking

    ps. Most vets arent very good with small, weak kittens... I suspect in part because they simply pts them... In part, few are insured, and few owners of oops litters are willing to pay good money for treatment... If they didnt bothered to pay for spaying they wont bother to pay for trying to...
  2. StefanZ

    2.5 week old kittens - eyes leaking

    Terramycin is prescriptions free in most states... And its usually what we recommend for eyes if there is a need for something more potent than washing with tea solution.... That said, if you DO have access to a vet, its usually the wise to consult himher... It it doenst look bad, you can try...
  3. StefanZ

    Newborn kitten that mother abandons

    Is the kitten all white? If yes, so these reddening is probably she is a point..."siamese-mix" and so colouring more and more of the pointed places is natural. Lets hope the kitten didnt got hurt when falling down from the table. Moms abandoning a kitten is often a bad sign; some ARE bad...
  4. StefanZ

    Confused about newborn kittens

    Both parents are solid black, but both do also carry the recessive dilutations gene... So in average, 1 of four kittens will be grey / blue... This kitten looks on one of the pics as a tabby, but its surely ghost striping.... There shouldnt be a true tabby in this batch, unless daddy got...
  5. StefanZ

    Stray cat moved its kittens to my backyard

    Tx for helping momma and kittens. And squirrells. :) Kittens seems to be around 6-7 weeks. For the time being, proceed as you do. Give momma wet cat food and water... Kittens will notice you are friendly, docile and totally harmless... So hpefully they wll near you, take food from you...
  6. StefanZ

    Blue Lynx point?

    @KittyJ Could we get pics of your beuty as adult? Or at least, immediately before she got adopted (whichever is the factual). My own reaction, rereading the thread, is if daddy was a blue point alike momma, baby should too become a blue point. The exception is, if daddy was wrongly...
  7. StefanZ

    Quick question

    Orphans are usually much easier to save than prematures or sick weak kittens...
  8. StefanZ

    Caught kitten

    Its as the others say; warm it up... Massage it too.... Keep it warmed up. If you have an IR-lamp, such as rheumtics have, use it. Otherwise, a heat pad or a micred rice filled sock. some glucose sugar on the gurm inside the lips give some energhy... In practice it will be a droplet of...
  9. StefanZ

    Newborn Kitten with abnormal paws

    I suppose its a variant of "twisted legs". Its fully possible to massage and gymnasticize it to normal. Some work to de several times a day several weeks; but its fully doable with good results.
  10. StefanZ

    Serious Birth Complications (TW Death)

    The easiest, if you dont have recognized persons worthy remembering, is to just give them ukrainian names... Essentially common names but written in typical ukrainian way.... Whichever you pick, there will be a number of heroes, martyrs and even saints behind it... Some fully alive. For...
  11. StefanZ

    Serious Birth Complications (TW Death)

    The heroes and saints and martyrs of today are the ukrainians... Something from there? What are the genders?
  12. StefanZ

    Snowshoe or ?

    The coloring is the same as a snowshoe, yes.. but he isnt not showshoe, he is a seal point and white. This combo tends to cause they darken up on the body quicker and more than a common seal point.... Why, I dont know, but I have seen this many times. He isnt even a look alike... Snowshoes are...
  13. StefanZ

    Is my cat a Bengal cat (tiger)

    nay, no bengal. He is an adorable domestic shorthair, a broken mackerel tabby. color brown tabby (some will call it black tabby). Having some spots on belly is common for many tabbies. White around the mouth is also typical for tabbies.
  14. StefanZ

    Stray Lurking Possibly pregnant?

    Any way, if she isnt preg, perhaps you can plan for a spaying...
  15. StefanZ

    Stray Lurking Possibly pregnant?

    Toms do usually recognize a silent heat... That is even a standard way to discover silent heat, with cats or with horse mares... Having a friendly tom or a lte cut friendly tom, whom cant impregnate but is still good in recognizing signs... In horse circles its called for a probier "stud" ie...
  16. StefanZ

    Is it normal for cats to bite recent adopted kittens?

    you can give us photos on them, it may be easier to see the age... But if 4 weeks, they are awfully young. Nothing peculiar they hope he is their MA, and he is doing his parenting duties... Perhaps including carrying them in the neck skin.
  17. StefanZ

    Is it normal for cats to bite recent adopted kittens?

    It depends a little, on when he was neutered, and how old they are. And the exact situation. Anyways, its NOT any try to kill nor harm. Its either a dominant behavior, he is showing them whom is the master cat here... Say, he notices they arent small kittens any more and wants to be leaders...
  18. StefanZ

    Full Bengal? Or mix

    Nay, without blue eyes he isnt not a point... There ARE points with green(ish) eyes, rare but there are, but I dont want to strech my speculations too far... So I presume he is a mix, formally spotted tabby but has a bengal Ancestor, that is clear. Yeah, he is gorgious in his way!
  19. StefanZ

    Full Bengal? Or mix

    What is the color of the eyes?? IF its blue, the cat may be a point... Sometimes its not easy to see if the point is a very much tabby, the eye color is often the given away in such cases. HERE I notice some nuance differencies in the fur... Differencies which wore natural for a point, but...