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    Is Smokey a Chausie?

    Here are some pics of Smokey’s back and sides. Doesn’t look like DSH. Some purebreds have gotten out and ended up in rescues. Smokey was in a rescue when his previous owner adopted him. She couldn’t handle him so she gave him to her parents who live 3 houses from me. Then he got out and...
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    Is Smokey a Chausie?

    A cat came in our backyard 2 years ago. He is very friendly, was about a year and a half old. He looks like pics of a Chausie/Abyssinian.He has large ears with small hair tufts at the tips. His back is silvery gray grizzled with narrow dark stripes on chest and legs, and a long striped tail...
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    Someone asked how long pumpkin will last. I spoon the pumpkin into small cups like applesauce or fruit come in. Then I freeze them. I take out one and put in a small container with a lid. This will last about a week, depending on how much you use per cat and how many cats eat it. My one cat...