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  1. dbljj

    Can Anyone Help Me Figure Out What Color/pattern These Babies Are?

    Ally has black, auburn and on one paw the underside is a burnt orange. She also has one white whisker on the right side and also one white whisker near her mouth on the same side. Those 2 white whiskers show up really well. her auburn color is 3 stripes across the back.
  2. dbljj

    Need Advice and Help. Terrified

    I also meant to say you will find lots of support here on this board. You have to do what is best for you and Your situation.
  3. dbljj

    Need Advice and Help. Terrified

    I hate to say this but I would be in that position as well, No way would I go in debt for tests on a cat while I do NOT even go myself for such things,(cannot afford it). I feel your pain, had to put down my 15 year old orange tabby oct 2015. Such a sweetheart and I have never regretted it...
  4. dbljj

    My Cat Breathes Weird When He Purrs?

    I have noticed that my Opie sneezes occasionally but He may have a few allergies like me. It is only once or twice a day so I am NOT worried. If I did NOT take my Zyrtec every morning I would not even be able to have a cat period.
  5. dbljj

    My Cat Breathes Weird When He Purrs?

    welcome, I am not here often but this is a fantastic board  for all your questions and needs. Glad your rescue is ok. I have never had a cat do that and I am sure I would have been concerned as well. All my cats have always been kittens who found me first..
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    o My what a gorgeous orange tabby!!! had to have mine put down at age 15. This a beautiful cat!!
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  11. dbljj

    Similar raw red marks on cats noses

    I have a beautiful granite rock made into a  flame that uses lamp fuel, and my tortie stuck her whiskers to it. We smelled hair burning and pulled her away, do not know if she would ever pulled away on her own..something else I cannot use anymore cause cats are so darned curious..They are the...
  12. dbljj

    Similar raw red marks on cats noses

    really looks raw and I would suggest neosporin but knowing how cats lick off everything I would be afraid of that. Let us know what the vet says..
  13. dbljj

    What kinda cat is this?

    it is a real cutie , hard to tell right off but very interesting looking.  I see a burnt orange look on one rear paw. My Maine Coon Tortie has a front paw that same way but her hair was really long at 12 weeks. I do believe the other person was right, she appears to be short haired. It is still...
  14. dbljj

    new kitten = multiple health problems with old cat

    you are not bringing feral cats into the home before they are given shots, etc. are you? I mean not introducing them to the cats you have already? I was told to keep my new kitty totally seperate until she had her shots, etc. Never let them share food, kept kitty in a kennel, in a closed off...
  15. dbljj

    Adopted a declawed kitty - she seems to hate the litter we have - help!

    BOTH  my cats are declawed. At first we used yesterdays news for litter.. Now we use a mix of crystals and so phresh from Pet Depot. They do well with it. Sounds like your cat was declawed recently, can you find out?  Yesterdays News is rolled- up pellets of old newspapers and is easy on newly...
  16. dbljj

    What is Freya's breed?

    whatever she is         she is an absolute beauty!!!
  17. dbljj

    Does your cat use the litter box when you clean it?

    Once had a house rabbit who was the same way was always trying to get back into the cage before i was finished cleaning it. animals are so darn funny about THEIR things, kinda' like us humans I guess..
  18. dbljj

    Does your cat use the litter box when you clean it?

    does NOT matter if she just went and I clean the liter box she will get in either pee or push out a  rabbit ball turd.. I think they must have their scent back in the box
  19. dbljj

    Does your indoor cat wear a collar?

    My cats run when the door to outside is opened. esp. Opie but he was under 2 weeks and bottle fed when I got him , However Ally was found outdoors by a friend caged, and brought in by her and her hubby until I took her nearly 2 weeks later.  she runs when he does.... Thy have a horse farm nearby...
  20. dbljj

    Need Some Help with 2 cats Getting along.....

    I bought a doggie bed that looks like sheepskin certainly big enuff for 2 but they are always at the door to greet me. I have even seen Ally laying on there a lot never Opie. It is near the heat vent so they might curl up in cool weather. Opie and Tigger would be sleeping together only when I...