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    Comment by 'emmalovesmak' in article '23 Derpy Cat Smiles That Will Brighten Up Your Day'

    Some made me smile, others made me cringe (in a good way!)
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    Recently bought Kitten

    It is possible, but just before you pick up the kitten look at the others to see if you recognize the cat your supposed to get, if not then just take the kitten and give it a great home. 
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    Good change or bad change?

    Ok thank you, we'll see.
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    Good change or bad change?

    I habe a seven year old border collie and i'm planning on bringing home a new 8 week old kitten, should I be worried if my dog will act out and hurt her? My dog is sweet but protective, I just don't want to take any chances.
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    Comment by 'emmalovesmak' in article 'How Much Food Should I Feed My Cat?'

    Im going to be more careful, i did not think it was a big deal. Thank you Emma will be happier im sure.