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  1. Cquinn1021


    My Male cat Dudelo has been throwing up lately. He came inside and ate his can of food and turned right around and threw it up. His behavior hasn't changed, his coat is shiny. Not sure what could have caused it
  2. Cquinn1021

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    It's the weird one eye partially open thing
  3. Cquinn1021

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Lit one napping in a cat can box. She looks a tad scary tho.
  4. Cquinn1021


    I.. of course... was going to do topical treatment.....I was just unsure what to do about outside as ibelieve my daughter brought it in. We've lived here for 26yrs and this is the first time we've seen any.
  5. Cquinn1021


    My daughter found a tick. Didn't find any on our babies. Looking for something to spray the lawn with that won't harm the cats but will kill any ticks.
  6. Cquinn1021

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    These two lit stinkers (the one on the left is lit one's teacher) like to sleep on dirty towels instead of these 2 lovely beds. Go figure.
  7. Cquinn1021

    Festival of TOYS!! Post a photo of your kitten or cat with their latest or greatest favorite TOY!

    It's not a great shot, but lit Mizzy carries this ball around (she pulled it off my daughter's blanket!!!) And meows. She'll bring it to me and I'll toss it , she just looks at me and walks off. To later pick it up again and start all over.
  8. Cquinn1021

    I Don't Quite Fit

    Our madame plump (just found out she weighs 15.5lbs), was only slightly fitting into the shell that the cat food cans come in.
  9. Cquinn1021

    How can you tell when your cat is relaxed?--Post your pictures here

    Our lit Mizzy was way too relaxed. Worried she'd break her neck.
  10. Cquinn1021

    The Teeeeeth

    our Dudelo has some good teefers.
  11. Cquinn1021

    When Kitties Miss Each Other

    I took our lit mizzy to be spayed... dudelo, who was the cat that taught her kittering, was not happy. When she came home, he was all over her sniffing and trying to clean her incision site (no stitches). I think he missed her. Teaching her where to drink. Coming home in car. Sniff fest when...
  12. Cquinn1021

    Clingy Cats

    Madame Plumpness choosing to be snuggly.
  13. Cquinn1021

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    These two stinkers can't stand each other. One must not know about the other.
  14. Cquinn1021

    Do You Have A Picture That Needs A Good Caption?

    I had nvr heard of gurning till now.... grinning yes....gurning no. I def like this one.
  15. Cquinn1021

    Show Your " Closeup" Pics!

    Dudelo looks like he has 2 different colored eyes....
  16. Cquinn1021

    Show me your eyes

  17. Cquinn1021

    Do You Have A Picture That Needs A Good Caption?

    Tell me a story of their lives...
  18. Cquinn1021

    Contest January Picture Of The Month: Younger And Older

    Mizzy 5weeks old. Mizzy around 9mths old. 1st pic when we just got her, the second, a few days ago.