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  1. madzoya

    My New Cat Has Been Acting Strange And I'm Very Worried

    Bruce is very vocal and can drive us crazy sometimes. The meowing you describe reminds me of what Bruce does when he is bored. He will demand to be entertained and will not stop until we do. As he used to have a kitty companion before, he was probably used to more play time then he gets now...
  2. madzoya

    My Kitten Wakes Me Up At 5am Everyday, Why?

    Bruce found out that scratching the mattress gets us up. Or throwing everything on our nightstand to the floor. He's a specialist in iphone throwing. He has us very well trained by this point. One of us gets up, feeds the bugger and gets back to bed. For a long time we had to close the door...
  3. madzoya

    Should I Adopt A Second Cat

    Here is my spoilt baby boy
  4. madzoya

    Should I Adopt A Second Cat

    Bruce is now with us for more that a year and he will be 2yo in June. He is still a bundle of energy and demands constant attention for both me and my hubby when we are home. He goes into mischief mode if he doesn't get it too. The thing is we both work full time and that makes Bruce spend lots...
  5. madzoya

    Cat Not Playing And Distant

    Teenagers have moods! ;) If she is healthy and no other abnormal behavior is presenting, let her ride it out. She will find the joy in playing again soon. Good luck!
  6. madzoya

    How Do I Hold My Cat Without Making Her Nervous?

    My first cat did not mind being picked up at all. She would even be less agressive in my arms than by herself (she was feisty). It was very usefull in the vet's office. She grew up with me since she was 6 weeks old. My current cat came from a shelter at six months old. He didn't like being...
  7. madzoya

    Help! My New Kitten Is Suddenly Afraid Of Me :*(

    She's still young isn't she? Don't worry. Babies and kids go through fases. Even older cats need time to adjust to their new "parents" and house. Next week she will probably be all over you again. The trick? Do not force it, let her always come to you. Bribing her with some treats helps too...
  8. madzoya

    Cat Never Stops Howling

    My Bruce talks a lot too. Like all the time and in all kinds of situations (playing, cuddling, watching birds). But it gets lowder and really anoying when he's bored. I've learned here that some cats are harder to entertain than others. If you have a very smart cat, he might be bored. Have you...
  9. madzoya

    Bruce Still Doesn't Sleep Through The Night

    Thank you all! It's good to know I'm not the only one with a crazy cat. Another night, full of wake up calls from Bruce. I went to bed a bit earlier last night because I was beat and his highness off course came with me. By 1.30 am he was in full play mode, bitting out toes and jumping on the...
  10. madzoya

    Bruce Still Doesn't Sleep Through The Night

    I feel like I have a baby... Bruce still wakes us up at least once per night. At random times, sometimes at 2, or at 4 or 5 am. And he pounces on our legs. We will then shoo him out of the bedroom and close the door. He will go play by himself until it's time for his feeding around 6am. Then...
  11. madzoya

    Unaffectionate Kitten

    I'm sorry about your Mom. Hope everything goes well with her treatment. Your kitty is still a baby. She will change with time, you just have to give it to her.
  12. madzoya

    How Do You Play With Your Cat?

    The fishes worked!!!! For a total of 15 minutes! Not bad!
  13. madzoya

    Attack In The Night

    Glad everything is ok!
  14. madzoya

    My Cat Likes Parties? But Hates My Other Cat.

    She is indeed beautiful! Those eyes! We too are too blame of overwellming Bruce. He's adored. Sometimes he goes to sleep under the bed, so he can have some privacy. :biggrin:
  15. madzoya

    Ive Been Adopted !

    My late cat Zoya should also bite without previous warning. She would rub herself asking to be petted then 15 seconds and bite! I grew tough skin, and she bit me for 15 years. But she never did it agressively. She was always purring while she did it. I think she reached overexcitment very...
  16. madzoya

    Sudden Aggression Btw Siblings

    That's by biggest nightmare/fear. A cat that doesn't go where he is supposed to. I don't have any real experience with that situation (thank the Lord!) but excluding ilnesses (if she hasn't repeated it's not probable) it can be a territorial thing (although more common in males than females)...
  17. madzoya

    Sudden Aggression Btw Siblings

    Yes, just like humans and dogs, cats come in all sizes. My late Zoya was very long for a female, she was actually longer that most males, and longer than all her siblings. My current cat Bruce, will never be a big cat, although he never had any health problem. I'm very glad your kitties have...
  18. madzoya

    My Cat Likes Parties? But Hates My Other Cat.

    I'm no expert, but from what you say, she seems to me more confortable when there is a bigger bustle around the house. Maybe she is shy and feels she will blend more in the confusion (I know it seems a bit contraditory, but cats are never really straight forward, are they?). When Bruce arrived...
  19. madzoya

    Biting Kitten

    A big dog crate where you can put his litter, food, water and a bed, could solve your night problems while he's growing up and not yet managing his social skills yet. And you need to continue working with him during the day and playing a lot, so he learns what is appropriate or not. As you...
  20. madzoya

    Chew Toy Recommendations?

    I had this problem early on with Bruce. Chewy toys didn't work, we would still go for the things he shouldn't. What worked was more playtime, chasing, Da Bird... When he's not bored, we won't chew. Now he still goes for the cord, to signal he's bored. But he swats it with his paw, and does not...