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  1. vibiana

    14 y/o queen lost use of hind legs

    My baby, my poor precious sweet baby, is home over the Rainbow Bridge. I want to cry forever, but the vet told me I was doing the right thing--that it was most likely either a stroke or a blood clot, and neither of those would have a good prognosis. Thank you for your prayers.
  2. vibiana

    14 y/o queen lost use of hind legs

    I haven't posted here in quite a while. So I am sorry to come dumping on you guys, but I have been in tears all night. I can't sleep and I have to talk to SOMEONE. My oldest cat, Thisbe, who is about 14 (she was rescued so I don't know for sure, that's just the vet's estimate) lost the use of...
  3. vibiana

    Ovaban as stress reliever?

    She did a little better the last few days because I stopped trying to give her the whole pill ... I crush it up in sardines or deviled ham. The problem there is she won't eat all of it ... so today I shut her into the spare bedroom with the sardines and her water and litter ... that way she HAS...
  4. vibiana

    Ovaban as stress reliever?

    I have some Feliway but I've sprayed it all over and it doesn't seem to help. The problem is, she has been confrontational with the other three cats from the moment they came to the household, and she is declawed while the other ones aren't. (I got her that way; I would never declaw a cat)...
  5. vibiana

    Ovaban as stress reliever?

    My oldest cat, Thisbe, hates all my other cats. She also hates everyone in the world except me, and me she only tolerates grudgingly. She's a beautiful black and white Manx and everybody that sees her wants to pet her, but she lashes out, snarling. I'll admit her behavior is partly my fault...
  6. vibiana

    I hope there'll be a happy ending

    I haven't any pics of Vibiana yet ... but I promise to get some soon. I'm in the midst of moving house ... ugh ... among everything else.
  7. vibiana

    I hope there'll be a happy ending

    SHE'S OKAY!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I have company tonight, so when she comes home she's going to have all kinds of people fawning over her. The other three had to have their shots today, so they'll all get plenty of lovin' as well.
  8. vibiana

    I hope there'll be a happy ending

    It's been a while since I posted, but I had to come here and tell this story, or rather, allow this story to be told. *clearing of tiny throat* Good morning. To paraphrase Herman Melville, call me Puss. Yesterday afternoon I was wandering around in a parking lot, trying in vain to find the...
  9. vibiana

    Missouri Meet-up Anyone?

    I'm in Kansas City, Kansas. Would love to be in on this.
  10. vibiana

    Need advise from our UK members

    Hi Julianne! I have a friend in Essex (but DON'T call her an Essex Girl, she goes bats! lol) and I read her your question over the phone (I'm in the States). She giggled and said you could bring back any clothes you want to, so long as you leave that "South African accent" behind. She...
  11. vibiana

    My parents are getting married today!

    Congratulations to the groom, best wishes to the bride, and bon appetit to the bride's daughter. One cannot accuse your mother of entering into marriage with undue haste.
  12. vibiana

    Cat survives 80 foot fall from tree.

    I think those people are jerks. Keep your animals indoors!
  13. vibiana

    Whats your favorite Salad Dressing?

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned this kind already. I must be really old. LOL Green Goddess! Kraft Seven Seas makes it, and while I understand the original from-scratch recipe contains anchovies, I have only had the commercially bottled version.
  14. vibiana

    My apartment building caught fire last night

    I like that idea Gail. I already have my name and numbers, but it's a good idea to have backup. My greatest fear is for something to happen while I'm gone. *shudder*
  15. vibiana

    My apartment building caught fire last night

    Another thing that occurred to me this morning -- I am going to attach each cat's collar and tags to her carrier handle. Ordinarily I keep those in a glass bowl on top of the microwave, but they should be with the carriers. The cats aren't collared unless they're going to the vet anyway.
  16. vibiana

    This Is One Fat Cat!!!!

    That's horrible. I am a 275-pound cat owner who is determined that her kitties will not have the same problem I do. LOL They are fed measured amounts of kibble and wet food each day and while they'll cry for more, they usually leave at least a little of it for Miss Manners. I can't imagine...
  17. vibiana

    Oh god, I think my parent's might be...getting a devorce.

    My parents never fought in front of their kids either. The first time I even heard them raise their voices to each other, I was about 18 (and I was the youngest -- they'd been married 35 years or so at the time! lol). And yeah, I freaked, too. They were married 58 years to the day -- Mom...
  18. vibiana

    Week 8¾: Do You Pronounce Usernames in Your Head?

    Just think "Vivian" and you'll be fine. That's basically what "Vibiana" is -- just a different form of "Vivian." There is also a variation called "Bibiana," but I never thought of using it.
  19. vibiana

    What was your worst date?

    I haven't dated in years, but probably the worst was about twenty years ago. The guy asked me out, but informed me that as a starving student, he couldn't afford my movie ticket so we'd have to go Dutch. (I was 21 at the time; he was about 25). It wasn't the going Dutch that bothered me; it...