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  1. sargon

    Current introduction status (with video)

    We actually have a huge cage ( like big enough for a german shepheard level huge), so we've bene usign that as a way to help them acilimate with less stress. it seems to be workign fairly well, although Squakers doesn't like the cage.
  2. sargon

    Current introduction status (with video)

    To clarify, Freya, my original cat, is the Siamese, and, my belief is that the the squabble shown is probably as far is it is likely to go with them. Generally what happens is that Freya is doing her own thing, and Squakers gets close, which makes Freya start to follow Squeakers with some...
  3. sargon

    Current introduction status (with video)

    We've had a slow, difficult introduction that began in late August. it went from just having the other cat in the guestroom, to eventually havign Freya eat outside the guestroom, to eating with the door cracked, to baby gates, to Freya in the livingroom with Squeakers ( who is being held), and...
  4. sargon

    Does my cat not like me?

    Both my cats prefer to lay on me when I'm laying back, but wont' really sit in my lap. I call them my "belly babies", and one of them (by far the less naturally affectionate of the two(physically anyhow)) now will comr and climb on me on request ( usually), and sometimes unasked, but it took a...
  5. sargon

    Aggression in Cat, PROZAC?

    If your cat's aggression is play related, I'm not sure that Prozac will help. Prozac reduces anxiety, which reduces fear and status type aggression, but play aggression has very different causes (poor socialization, overstimulation, and such). Prozac stopped my cat's status agression ( or at...
  6. sargon

    Are different breeds more sensitive

    As mentioned most cats aren't a spesific breed, and most specific breeds aren't old enough to be more than visual. With that said, some older breeds like Siamese and maine coons are known for certain personality traits, and some are considered to be more social/human oriented.
  7. sargon

    Best FIBER for cats ❓

    It is worth noting that fiber supplements can be harmful almost as often as it is helpful when it comes to cats.
  8. sargon

    Tips For Keeping Kittens Off Of Counters And Other Things?

    IMO, in most cases you can't. At best you will stop your cat from going up there when you are around. There's lots of video footage of cats who "never go on counters doing just that when humans aren't around.
  9. sargon

    Only Friskies Pate Or Only Dr. Elsey's Dry?

    Unlike almost anything else cat nutrition related, there actually is a study associated with hydration and diet. The link goes to a high end dry food manufacturer's website, so that their take is obviously a bit biased. Still, it is the best information on the subject that I know of.
  10. sargon

    Dr Elseys Or Young Again

    Please don't feed your cats Special kitty. Walmart pet food is probably the absolute worst petfood there is. I cant' find a review of the canned, but the review posted about the dry food is the stuff of nightmares.
  11. sargon

    Study Finds (gasp) Cats Like Their Owners

    A lot of people are convinced that cats only like people, because we feed them.
  12. sargon

    Dr Elseys Or Young Again

    i tried both with my cat, neither worked as a primary food. Freya hated Young Again and wouldn't eat it. I also tried Dr Elsey's, and she loved ti so much she'd scarf ti down and throw up. I do give a few pieces of Dr Elsey's as a treat, though.
  13. sargon


    My first guess is stress, rather than dementia, just because both laying in a litter box and in your lap sound like stress relieving behaviors to me. Your cat has had a lot of vet visits and physical issues, so that may be causing the behavior. At your cat's age, dementia is possible, but...
  14. sargon

    Cat Water Fountains

    that's not bad, Pioneer pet are like 2-3 times that, sadly
  15. sargon

    Cat Water Fountains

    The fountain filters cost a bit, but you pretty much have to use fountains if you feed any dry food so you may save some money that way. You can take the pioneer pet filters apart and refill the charcoal (use a high end aquarium filter media charcoal) to get a bit more life out of them. it is...
  16. sargon

    Asthma Friendly Litter Box Odor Control

    i sue the litter breeze system and it really reduces cat litter odors. it can take some time for cats to adapt to the pellets, but the end result is extremely good odor control. My new cat took about a month to adapt to the pellets, but it was pretty night and day how much the smell was...
  17. sargon

    Going On Vacation...

    Unless you are taking your cat with you on a long trip, cats are almost always happiest at home.
  18. sargon

    Cat Won’t Eat Any Form Of Meat, Unless It’s Canned Wet Food

    Cooked meat is only an occasional snack/treat for cats, unless you use ti to make part of a cooked catfood, with a product like U-Stew. Raw meat involves a lot of issues, and is generally not a good idea, unless you've done a lot of research Good quality wet and dry catfood are an excellent choice
  19. sargon

    Chin Acne Poll

    For me, better, fresher, cleaner water in a steel (ceramic works too) cat fountain made a big difference (or so i assume. I've never had an issue with my current cats who use such, but my previous cat did have some issues, and her water was not nearly so fine as my cats get now)
  20. sargon

    An Amazing Deal On High Quality Wet Catfood On Chewy Today

    Yeah. I suspect they'll reformulate or at least change packaging. also it's out on Chewy now