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  1. Kat0121

    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 4

    Yes I can Yes I do Yes I definitely will
  2. Kat0121

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    Just ignore them completely. I don't answer the phone unless I know who it is and feel like speaking to them. Anyone who actually needs to speak to me will leave a message. Spammers will usually just hang up when the voice mail kicks on. Those numbers get blocked. Don't bother answering. Doing...
  3. Kat0121

    Question of the Day - Thursday June 1, 2023

    Sausage, onions and jalapenos
  4. Kat0121

    Are there any gamers here ?

    I'm a Nintendo girl from way back so all the games I'm playing now are on the Switch. Animal Crossing New Horizons Spiritfarer Bubble Bobble Luigi's Mansion 3 I just ordered Carnival Games. That should be here by Monday.
  5. Kat0121

    What's For Dinner? - 2023

    I took a porterhouse steak out of the freezer yesterday. That will get grilled tonight. The girls and I will share it. I'll have a veggie of some kind with mine.
  6. Kat0121

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, May 30

    Health insurance premiums
  7. Kat0121

    just a curiousity : where are all our members and staff from ?

    Born and raised in NY (Long Island), spent 10 years in Colorado, mostly in the suburbs of Denver, now in south Florida. I've been here 20 years. I got Lilith and Sophie here. They are Florida natives.
  8. Kat0121

    Question of the Day, Saturday, May 27

    Water and sparkling water are the bulk of what I drink.
  9. Kat0121

    What's For Dinner? - 2023

    Jersey Mike's has free delivery for orders placed through the app on Tuesdays so I ordered a sub. I was considering an Italian and then remembered how much the girls like their roast beef so obviously we got roast beef. I like how they put it in the middle so it doesn't touch the sauces or...
  10. Kat0121

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2023

    The foam is always cold. They probably added cold milk instead of steamed.
  11. Kat0121

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2023

    Dunkin has a new Vietnamese iced coffee. I tried it today so you don't have to. :lol: This is what it's supposed to be: Vietnamese iced coffee (Vietnamese: cà phê đá, lit. 'iced coffee') is a traditional Vietnamese coffee recipe. It is created using coffee roasted between medium and dark. The...
  12. Kat0121

    Question of the Day - Monday, May 22, 2023

    Anyone remember the swiss cheese crackers that Nabisco used to make? They were so good.
  13. Kat0121

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2023

    That's awful. I wouldn't either. 50 cents for cinnamon? Insane. Even SB doesn't charge for cinnamon and they are charge happy. I ordered a hot Americano from Dunkin not too long ago. The employee handed me the cup at the drive through and it was cold. I told him it was supposed to be hot. It...
  14. Kat0121

    Question of the Day - Monday, May 22, 2023

    Town House, Club crackers or original Triscuit with cheese. Extra sharp cheddar. Lilith adores cheese so she gets a bit too.
  15. Kat0121

    What's For Dinner? - 2023

    Me too. I'll bring a family sized container and 3 spoons. :hyper:
  16. Kat0121

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2023

    I got an iced signature latte from Dunkin today. They have a deal on the app for a $2 medium with any purchase. I got the caramel craze. It was OK. Nothing to write home about. It wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be which is good. I'm not into sicky sweet coffee drinks. I also got the...
  17. Kat0121

    Two free cans of Solid Gold cat food

    I found this from a freebie site. I signed up for it. I'd recommend getting in quickly. They may run out. Dog & Cat Food | Holistic Pet Nutrition | Solid Gold – solidgoldpets
  18. Kat0121

    Question of the Day: Sunday, May 21

    No I don't. I'd probably fall asleep if I tried. It's the cat in me. :lol: That statue is beautiful. If they have been in your house for 20 years they are yours unless your partner specifically wanted the relatives to have them and it's in writing. If not tell them to kick rocks. I'm sorry...
  19. Kat0121

    I am going to get laughed at but I need advice, y’all!

    I agree with all of this. I have four tattoos and they all have meaning to me. I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks of them and I would never judge my DD (now 28) if she decided to get one or got a piercing. I was 19 when I got my first tattoo. Mom saw it first and later that day I was...
  20. Kat0121

    Question of the Day, Saturday, May 20

    I haven't seen a commercial in years. All my streaming services are ad free. I do remember hating any and all ads for prescription drugs. Anyone remember those obnoxious commercials from JG Wentworth with the guy in the tacky gold jacket? They were on all the time. :rolleyes2: